May 22, 2024


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What are some great German Interior Design Ideas

The Best Living Room Ideas By Top German Interior Designers | Interior  design, Living room interior, Living room modern

The German Interior design style is more like the European style variation. Back in the mid-nineteenth century, the great-grandfather of the German-style Biedermeier used massive furniture, stucco mouldings and many amounts of impractical decors. Germany throughout its history has been at the forefront of art and design, a leader in architecture and design. Modern German interior design implies a clean home, crisp lines and simple colours.

While designing your home, you will need to use some decorative items. You can read about the best items you can use to decorate your house in Germany as well as where to buy them on For example, if you want to buy a furniture, you should read about Wohnorama to know the information other Germans that have patronized them in the past have left. You will be able to know from their experience the companies to patronize and which to avoid.

Materials used in decorating the house are metal, glass, wood and steel. German interior design depicts a sense of comfort and simplicity, they are neutral and airy colours when it comes to painting. The German design style is characterized by large and free spaces, a combination of light wall decoration, a dark floor and functional furniture etc. The German-style can be characterized by some features which include; the competent arrangement of furniture within the interior space which makes objects placed in a convenient way for people to move in between them, calm colours that resemble classic Interiors and moderate use of decorative elements, angular furniture combined with soft curves and the presence of a podium and a ceiling similar design.

German interior designs are concerned about convenience and aesthetic. The use of lightning devices are also a part of German interior design, the rectangular windows are the source of natural light. Lamps and scones with simple shades made of ordinary glass can be used as an additional source of lightning. Textile, decors and accessories in German interior style are simple and laconic. Vases, pot or even bottles of different shapes and sizes are used in German interior design.

Furniture is designed with woods like Walnut, mahogany, Fruitwood and other varieties of woods. Popular German furniture makers of the time were Karl Friedrich, Schinkel, Abraham and his son David Roentgen. Upholstered furniture is upholstered in natural fabric and materials like leather, tapestry, velour, jacquard. German manufacturers are famous for their addiction to technology, they use machine intelligence to perform necessary details with maximum accuracy.

Types of German Interior Designers

1) Kratschner Interieur: is an expert in luxury designs and bespoke furniture design. Its head designer, Holger Kraetschner is a famous innovative project design.

2) Brandlhuber: Founded in 2006 by Arno Brandlhuber who works as an architect and urban planner. His focus covers the role of media and technology, as he considers them as potentials for future architecture.

3) Kitzig Design Studios: This studio is known for both interior designs and architectural projects and has created varieties of exclusive concepts for hostels, offices, airport lounges and so on.

4) Susanne Kasier: is a Berlin-based designer known for its playful, expensive as well as cheap, beautiful and comfortable interior designs

5) Atelier Bruckner: is a company known for designing museums, tradeshows and other exhibition spaces by using decorative features like lighting, graphics and many more

6) Omer Arbell: is a designer and sculptor based in Berlin and Vancouver, who is famous for designs, house designs and material research. He is also a creative director in a manufacturing and design company in Canada.