July 24, 2024


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Web Design Facts – Following the Golden Rules of Website Design

Web Design Facts – Following the Golden Rules of Website Design

Right off the bat, you do need to know your audience, and you need to know them well. Building a site when you do not know your target, means you have not thought things out and means that you have not done your research and come to the table prepared. With the amount of online business taking place these days, you will need to go the extra mile and know your target.

If it is a hobby site, you need to know what information people are looking for when looking up the hobby. If it is a business, it’s the same thing, you need to know what kind of things are required by the very people that are looking up the site that you are running your business for. You need to have clear concise web pages and not have cluttered messes.

What Mistakes Are Consistently Made In Today’s Web Designs That Should Be Avoided?

Things like clutter need to be eliminated. If a web page has labeled links, you should ensure that the links are related to your business or some element of your business and are not links to the local daily sports scores. If people wanted the local daily sports scores, they could simply look them up. Clutter and misuse are common mistakes made on today’s web page, and mistakes that are easily avoided with proper design and through planning.

The first one is simply planning. You need to know the exact purpose of your website, and you need to know the exact function of it. You need to know the features that you want to offer, and how you plan to deliver them. You need to know all of this stuff before you start. If you are unsure of exactly what you need than you simply can just look around at site’s that are similar to yours to get some ideas. Those ideas that you draw do not have to be the same, and could be things like forums, or even just simply design ideas that you think are a great idea, and would be a base for your website’s design.

A lot of the issue with website design today is people put no time in researching, and just try to create a site out of their head without knowing the competition or the target audience. If you are planning on designing and implementing a web presence, then know your audience!