July 24, 2024


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What Does Your Home Decor Style Say About You?

What Does Your Home Decor Style Say About You?

You may not realize it, but the home decor style you choose says a lot about your personality. We all use colors, fabrics and other accessories we love when decorating our special place. What does your home say about you?

Do you love country themed accessories and furnishings? People who enjoy a country kitchen decorated in bright, colorful sunflowers with lots of roosters are often from a rural area. This atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed, ready for family to come and stay for the day. You are more than likely a family oriented person who loves company.

Is shabby chic more to your liking? This home decor style is usually very light and airy. Light, muted pastels are often used when decorating in shabby chic. Furniture is white or light colored with a charming worn look. The windows are often covered with light colored sheers, to add to the airy atmosphere. If this is what you love, you are probably a carefree person who is a bit of a romantic.

Love Asian touches? People who like the bold colors used in this style are often bold themselves. Red, gold, black and other dramatic colors add a distinguished look to your home. Your personality may be one of control and order. You like to be in charge of the way your home looks, as well as your life.

Are you one who loves a sleek, contemporary look? Smooth style and minimal fuss is what you strive for. Your furniture is streamlined and neutral, with very few accessories. Much like your choice of decor, you may be someone who loves classic styles in clothing as well. You function at your best when your life is in perfect order.

What is your preferred home decor style? It says a lot about you and who you are!