July 22, 2024


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We Had A Lot Of Thoughts And Feelings About This Celebrity Home Tour (And Wait Until You See What’s On The Bathroom Walls)


HEY Y’ALL. Once again, an EHD team meeting was slightly derailed by a new Architectural Digest home tour. As interior design lovers (read: nerds) we’ll admire and dissect home tours like we are scholars studying a very serious topic. Usually it goes like this: One person will innocently say, have you all seen _____’s new home tour?? Once that can of worms is open we start gabbing about what we love or think is interesting, inspiring, or unexpected. It’s our job to have our fingers on the pulse of interior design (we say to ourselves) as we stare at each photo and contemplate each design element. So, because we spent a decent amount of time admiring and commenting on Kasey Musgraves’ Nashville home designed by Lindsay Rhodes, we figured we’d share with you all (and ask to hear your thoughts, too). It’s a wonderful mix of high end and lived-in homey-ness, with some fresh design trends throughout. And as a fun side note, I think we should do a globe pendant count, because there is one in almost every room. Whoever gets the right amount in the comments wins!! Okay, now let’s explore.

Do we spy a vintage Murano glass pendant?? Yes, we sure do. When Caitlin predicted they might be the next best thing in lighting, we trusted her gut so an appearance here is a welcomed, happy surprise. We all love the tree and how it brings in a layer of playfulness and it juxtaposes nicely with the ornate mirror that is very luxe and regal. Already, you can tell there is a lot of mixing styles so the overall style of the home is truly hard to pin down. Oh, and cowboy boots are officially decor, right?

As you’ll see, this home is full of rounded edges and shapes which was definitely intentional. The coffee table, sofas, pillows, and side table all have a roundness that really softens the space and makes it feel uber inviting. Also, we love they actually showed a TV in the living room. Stars, they’re just like us!!

Emily pointed out that the sofas are cool and look comfortable too. I kept saying that it really feels like a human being lives here as compared to other celebrity homes that can sometimes feel cold and museum-like.

Emily immediately noticed the two rectangles behind the sofa while I was stuck admiring that odd mannequin-looking statue. At first glance, the rectangles almost look like a vent, but we are pretty sure it’s understated minimal art. If that’s the case, the placement is really unexpected, and definitely aligns with the angles of the wall cut out and built-in shelf (the inverted shapes are another special touch).

Caitlin made a good point saying that this home tour is a great inspiration if you have an 80s-style house and Emily agreed.

We all want to know all your opinion on this kitchen. We absolutely love the lime wash walls, the island, the seamless-looking range hood, and the square patterned globe pendant. It’s a very simple farmhouse-style kitchen, that isn’t totally aligned with the style of the rest of the home but feels homey and inviting. It makes me believe that someone who loves to cook and entertain lives here. What do you think??

We all love the Frank Gehry Wiggle Stool and a tiger rug is the perfect playful accent for this art room.

Jess noted that almost all the windows throughout this home look original, especially that oval window because it’s not often that we see oval windows nowadays. Also, you’ll notice there are not a lot of window treatments throughout this entire home, but we love that they chose to add curtains between the living and dining room to add some movement and softness to the space.

Oooh, THE SIMPLICITY. Would you want your bathtub to feel more cozy? Jess said yes she would, but I think it’s cool and very spa-like so I am pretty down. We are all very into that floor tub faucet for its minimal shape and vintage brass look.

Oh yes, there is a lot to love here. That antique gilt French bed frame is awesome, we love how tall the windows are, and we all wish there was a close up shot of the wall art. Jess pointed out that the rug placement is interesting, and made us think that there must be more going on on the other side of the room that we can’t see. Or it’s just there for the shot 🙂

We all loved this shot and it’s a good reminder that the checkered rug trend is still happening. That accent table is stunning and the round bottom shelf accents really well under the arched window. Are you keeping track of all the globe pendants?? This one might be my favorite placement.

The primary bedroom has a lot of elements that are shown throughout the home. The rounded edges, the globe pendant, simple shelf styling, playful plants and trees, are all elements we keep seeing again and again (and love).

Did you catch those bulb sconces built into the headboard?? It’s our favorite hotel-inspired small bedroom hack. I’m also very into the extremely simple monastery chic bedding. Oh, and do you recognize the nightstands?? They are Leanne Ford for Crate and Barrel and we LOVE them. Julie even used them in her best friend’s room makeover a few years ago. We are BIG fans.

OKAY, this is powder bathroom dreams. The “wallpaper” was done by hand by Louisa of Pierce and Ward in 2014 (!!!) and we are all pleasantly surprised at how well it holds up. It’s all nude sketches by a local artist named Hazel King and it’s so unique and cool. (I might be a little too obsessed–like I want to replicate it immediately). We always say that a powder room is an excellent place to take risks and this one definitely speaks to that.

Emily noted that this room looks like it’s from a different home altogether and we didn’t disagree. It’s very serene and has a full-on California casual vibe. I am normally not the biggest fan of reverse book end bookshelf styling, but I’ll make an exception because the neutrality is extremely calming here.

Built-in vanities was one of our 2022 bathroom trend predictions so it’s always fun to see them come to fruition. Jess’ eagle eye spotted the bulb sconces and we all agreed they are a very special touch. It’s all the little details for us, like the mini knob non the medicine cabinet, the ornate mirror over mirror styling, and the sherpa rug to add a layer of warmth and texture to an otherwise white bathroom.

The off-center tiny sink is adorable and the camel is rad (and made by Kacey Musgraves herself!).

This was everyone’s favorite room by far. The pink walls are an exciting shift from the white and off-white colors throughout, and the chandelier is perfectly modern and retro. Jess really loved the placement and scale of the round pillows. If you are wondering if that is a candle with a lampshade on it, you are not alone. I, too, wondered the same so we did a little investigating and found out that candlestick style table lamps are in fact a thing. It’s a very cute decor element here that adds a hint of playfulness.

Do those pink curtains remind you of anything??? Jess’ WFH room reveal perhaps??? Guys, pink is having a real comeback (stay tuned for a post on that). Aside from that, Emily loves the chair and confirmed pencil reed is having a moment, another bulb sconce makes an appearance, and the low placement is an unexpected lovely choice.

All of us “Ooooooooh’d” at this shot. I am pretty sure we all want a 4 ft tall head bust. Is that too much to ask???

So, now you’ve peeked inside our brains, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Sound off in the comments below (but as always, please be nice and considerate :)).

*Design by Lindsay Rhodes
**Photos by  Lelanie Foster
***via Architectural Digest


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