March 4, 2024


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Unique Decorating Ideas – Utilize Decorative Fluorescent Light Panels for Color Accent

If you have not already heard of decorative fluorescent light panels, they are light fixture covers for fluorescent lighting. They allow light to be diffused, depending on design, in a way that not only helps with harsh light, but also looks great.

There are many colors, designs and custom image options that go along with decorative light panels. Because of this, using decorative panels is a unique way to add color and contrast to a room. Whether getting a scenic design, an image or a custom design, light panels for fluorescent fixtures will bring life and character to any room.

The harsh light produced by fluorescent lights is only desired in a few locations; hospitals being one of them. In general, however, it is considered an unwanted side effect of cost effective lighting solutions. In response to the overwhelming need of decorative elements with regards to this type of light fixture, decorative light panels were born and have quickly been replacing the clear, unsightly light panels across the world.

In a white room, or one toned room, light panels can be the accent piece you are looking for. This works especially well with a monochromatic modern room looking for a punch of unexpected color, a unique twist on a traditional space or even in a kid’s room or playroom. Unlimited applications for a decorative fluorescent light panel are available.

When decorating a space, be sure to guide the eyes upward to the ceiling if looking for the decorative light fixture to be the focal point in the room. This can be done with plants both in a pot on the ground as well as hanging, crown molding and other items that raise the head to view.

Another unique way to get the most out of a light panel design is to join multiple panels together. Going this route usually entails a custom design. By creating part of a design on multiple panels, you are able to make a larger, more impressive image. This technique words well for a very noticeable addition to a room. Not only will the room get more color, it will create a talking piece for guests. Unique designs like this work very well in living rooms, family rooms and lobby areas for a business location.

The kitchen is another area where unique lighting can really stand out and make a huge impact on its surrounding. Fluorescent lighting is use many times as a lighting option for kitchens and poses as a perfect opportunity to create a unique space.

Decorative lighting panels are always a unique surprise when applied in any room because for the most part, people forget to decorate the space that is further up as well as on the ceiling. Be different- be unique-be distinct!