September 25, 2023


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Trendy Web Design Ideas That Will Help Promote Your Business

It is not a secret that web design trends never remain the same. The ideas, which were popular a year ago, are considered outdated and not that exciting anymore. That is why, it makes sense to inquire about current web design ideas, if you are going to develop a functional and interesting site that will attract the attention of your potential customers. Let us have a closer look at fresh web design ideas, which can make your website look unique.

1. Animation Usage

Animations are now used more often as compared to the previous years. It goes without saying that they add interactive features to the website and make it more interesting for users of all ages. Animated pictures help focus the attention of people on those aspects of a website the owner considers more important. Such websites look more entertaining, but this does not mean that they cannot be used to promote businesses. Everything depends upon the animations you will choose and the way you will implement them in a context of your website. There are a few points you should consider when picking animations.

To start with, they should never be selected randomly. Each animation should add to the meaning of your content, driving users’ attention to those aspects you consider the most crucial.

Secondly, you should know that animations fall into two basic groups, namely large-scale and small-scale items. Large-scale animations are utilized as major interactive tools, which perform the only function – to make a notable impact upon people, who will visit the site. These elements are essential, if you aim at making users stay at the website for as long as possible. Small scale animated objects, in their turn, are manifested as hover tools, spinners and other minor elements, which can make the website design look complete and finished.

Among the most popular animations web designers make use of nowadays one can mention loading animations, non-scrolling and hover animations, slideshows and galleries, scrolling and motion animated elements as well as background videos and images.

2. Responsive Web Design

While some experts point out that websites created with the implementation of responsive web design techniques look very similar and not unique, other specialists believe that this is not so. In fact, they point out quite the opposite thing, saying that responsive websites are created for people, who give preference to functional and user-friendly sites. And it is no wonder, because most people do not need complicated solutions. What they need is easy-to-navigate websites, which can make their online browsing experience more convenient and quick. It is quite difficult to predict whether responsive websites will lose their topicality in the nearest future or not. The only thing is clear – they are still trendy and enjoy popularity among users.

3. Flat Web Design

Responsive web design and minimalism keep dominating nowadays and so does flat web design. Analyzing the role and popularity of the trend, experts, in their reviews on are sure that flat web design offers those features, which will not go away with the lapse of time. On the contrary, they believe that some of these features will become leading by the end of the year. These features include bright color schemes, prolonged shadows, simple and plain typography that makes the texts more understandable and easy to read, minimalistic styles etc.