May 22, 2024


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These 15 Sweet Baby Girl Nursery Ideas Are Timeless


For many expecting parents of daughters, turning their dream nursery into a reality is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for their baby girl’s arrival. Nursery decor options are seemingly endless, which can make narrowing down all of the incredible baby girl nursery ideas a bit overwhelming. How is someone expected to choose between a cozy neutral room, an epic statement wall, all things glam, or pops of bright colors?

I personally love to decorate, and I love all things pink and stereotypically girlie, so I got incredibly lucky to have two beautiful little girls — which meant two opportunities to bring my baby girl nursery ideas to life. I went totally glam with my first daughter, with a crystal light fixture, gold accents, and a navy blue and coral color scheme. With my youngest, I opted for more of a boho vibe with peach walls, touches of magenta, and a light fixture with tassels that my mom literally combed through after we hung it (moms are the best). After I was finished with each one, I would go into the room, sit in the rocker, and soak up the quiet space.

Of course, the space doesn’t stay quiet for long, and before you know it there will be toys everywhere, a never-ending pile of laundry to go through, and a diaper pail that always seems to smell. Even so, it’s still worth it to put a lot of thought and heart into the room. So, if you’re expecting a little lady and in need of some baby girl nursery ideas, here are some seriously gorgeous ideas.


A Gorgeous Mural

For anyone who loves all things nature, this beautiful room by Oliver James Interiors probably speaks to you (shoot, it speaks to me and I’m far from outdoorsy). Whitney, who owns this company, actually designed this room for her own daughter, and the mural isn’t painted on the wall, it’s actually a big piece of wallpaper that she and her husband hung. It’s brilliant and such a great alternative to having to search for woodland accents to put around the room to create the nursery (well, except for the light, which is just fantastic). This is a beautiful idea for anyone who wants a nursery that makes a statement without being cluttered.



If you’re drawn to baby girl nursery ideas with rainbows, but don’t want them to overwhelm the room, then you’ll love this space Ang Disney created for her little girl. There’s a rainbow print on the wall, a rainbow pillow in the crib, and a few others in the room; it’s enough to pop but not take over the whole look. It’s worth looking through all of the photos Ang posted of this room because she also hung a hammock chair (which is an awesome way to rock your baby to sleep, if you ask me), uses a vintage-looking fan as a piece of decor, and has a gorgeous dresser with a hutch that is just downright perfect. I can’t get enough of this beautiful room.


Classic & Chic

Cavan Images, Getty Images

Some decor is just timeless and chic, and this nursery is the perfect example. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a more minimalist aesthetic but isn’t into the popular Scandanavian look. What I personally love about this nursery is the combination of the tufted glider and the vintage-looking crib with subtle but gorgeous details. I also really like how calming this room is with the soft grey walls and neutrals throughout (well, except for that little splash of pink on the throw pillow, which is amazing). There’s nothing overly trendy about this nursery, and I think that’s what makes it so special and elegant.


Palms & Glam

I can’t get enough of this fabulous nursery by Michelle Payne (and it’s not just because both of our daughters are named Eva Grace). It’s like she took all of the best parts of a glam nursery and a boho nursery and then brought them together to create this gorgeous hybrid. The nursery is mostly white, but the pops of color from the accent wall, ottoman pouf, and the big gold accents bring it to life. While you won’t be able to totally recreate this nursery, you can easily get a similar look — you just need to find that one piece of palm decor to build out from.


All The Colors

While some lean toward a more minimalist decor style, others prefer bright colors with lots of accents. If you’re the latter, then take some inspiration from this gorgeous nursery by Olivia Sandy. This room has it all: a scalloped half wall, an accent wall covered in clouds, rainbows in different color schemes, flowers, pink, poms, basically everything you could ever want in a baby girl’s room (here are a couple more photos of the artwork she chose). This beautiful room is definitely one of the more uniquely decorated ones on the list, and that’s exactly what makes it so special.


Natural Boho

If you’re thinking of creating a calming space for your baby girl, look no further than this gorgeous nursery by Christina Le McGhee. She made this room for her own little girl, and there’s no doubt that all of the natural tones provide an environment that’s perfect for full nights of sleep and long naps (at least, that’s what I wish for all new parents). This nursery is gorgeous and is an especially great inspiration for anyone who wants a feminin
e room for their baby girl, but isn’t a fan of bright pinks and purples. Personally, I’m partial to it because Christina used the same light fixture I have in my youngest’s room (wondering if she also had to comb through it).


An Accent Ceiling

Accent walls are always beautiful, but they’re nothing new. An accent ceiling, however, is totally different. This brilliant idea was brought to life by Annalies Richmond, owner of Richmond Interiors. It’s certainly a big undertaking, but if you’re up for the challenge it makes a big impact. Something to notice about this nursery is that the furniture is all neutral, the light is gorgeous but not super flourished, and the walls are free of clutter, and this all helps create a nice balance with the ceiling so that the design doesn’t feel like it’s all too much. The nursery is beautiful, but if you want to recreate it, consider hiring a pro to install the wallpaper.


Moon & Stars

onurdongel, Getty Images

Here’s another beautiful nursery in neutral tones, but what I really love about it is the star, moon, and cloud decor. It’s not over the top, but there are enough of these accents to see that there’s a theme in the nursery. The grey and white combination is absolutely beautiful, but this is the kind of theme that can go with any color scheme you want. If you like the grey walls, you can bring in some color with pastel pillows, pictures, and toys in the moon, star, and cloud shapes. Or, you can go full-on bright with a rainbow of colors. The options are endless.


Gold Accents

A lot of baby girl nursery ideas include bright white walls, but if you’re into something calmer, consider this design by Amber at Blessed Little Bungalow. She used a dark grey, dusty rose, and white color scheme for her baby girl’s room, and topped it off with a bunch of gold accents such as the picture frames, lamp, and side table. The white crib and dresser along with the white space on the prints over the crib keep the room light, but not bright and it looks so pretty. Also, I have to say, the floor lamp that resembles a street lamp is just amazing.


Purple & Grey

When you think baby girl, pink is usually the color that pops into mind, but purple is just as girly and, as you can see from this photo, equally as beautiful. Iman Lalji, the owner of Designed by Iman, created this stunning nursery that blends together different shades of purple with grey, with a little splash of pink. It creates such a calming space. If you’re going to go for dark shades of purple like this, it’s a good idea to stick with white furniture to add a balance of light into the space so that it doesn’t feel too dark.


Warm Dusty Rose Hues

Food and mom blogger, Lexi created this beautiful nursery for her sweet baby girl (seen in this photo — look at those little toes!). I love how she went with a warm dusty rose color rather than traditional pink. The green plant behind the crib pops out well, and the artwork on the wall is simply stunning. If you look through Lexi’s Instagram feed, you’ll see more shots of the nursery and the accents she chose. You’ll find a bright pink rainbow, boho-style pillows, and gold accents that all come together to create a unique, beautiful, and cozy space for her little girl.


Touches Of Neon

I can’t get over this nursery, and it makes me want to completely redo my daughters’ rooms so I can add in pops of neon colors. Sophia brought this room to life for her daughter, and it’s totally on-brand with the rest of her home’s eclectic aesthetic (which is incredible). It’s hard to pick just one thing to love about this nursery, so instead, I’ll give you my top three: the half wall paint with scallops, the amazing blend of pastels and brights, and that pink polka-dot bear rug on the floor. There’s no doubt her little one gets plenty of stimulation from this room, and hopefully, she’ll grow up to love all things colorful as much as her mama does.



A lot of baby girl nursery ideas are centered around pink, princesses, unicorns, and other traditionally girlie things, which is why I absolutely love this dinosaur nursery Einelle Hanbury created for her baby girl. The accent wall features a fun, colorful wallpaper covered in dinos, but the nursery isn’t void of femininity because you can still find little rainbows and flourished accents (like that amazing light fixture) throughout. As a mom with a toddler daughter who loves dinosaurs, I plan on using this nursery as inspiration for her room when we redecorate it in another year.


A Beachy Look

While this nursery b
y Jade Higgins has a lot of the classic boho style touches, with the neutral tones and greenery, what I love most about it is the palm tree accents which help create a beachy vibe. That small touch completely transforms the room, in my opinion. Another standout piece that I particularly love is the mobile over the crib that’s made to look like a hanging plant, it’s so pretty and unique. If bedrooms are any indication of who someone will become, then this nursery is sure to turn Jade’s little girl into one very cool, chill girl as she gets bigger.


Unapologetically Girly

I’m pretty sure this is what my oldest daughter’s bedroom dreams are made of. If you want to really lean into the girlie nursery, then check out this stunning space by Tanya Stone, owner of SOS Interiors. She has a beautiful accent wall with a watercolor look, a fuzzy white rug, a pink velvet ottoman, and if you look in the corner of the window seat, there’s even a little stuffed animal. If you check out her picture of the room from another angle, you’ll see a gorgeous gold and crystal light fixture, a wall hanging of a heart in different shades of pink, and a full look at the pink rocking chair. That accent wall would be tough to recreate, but you should definitely use this room as inspiration if you love all things pink.

It’s impossible to pick a single best of these amazing baby girl nursery ideas because they’re all so gorgeous. Of course, it’s important to remember that these pictures are styled, so you don’t see baby monitor cameras, sound machines, humidifiers, and all of the other imperfect things that become fixtures in a nursery (in other words, no functioning nursery can achieve these levels of perfection), but they are still amazing for helping you spark up new ideas so that you can create the nursery of your dreams for you little girl.


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