June 13, 2024


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Healthy Trees Are Necessary To Keep Quality Air And Water

One of the seasons that we all probably enjoyed the most is Spring with new flowers growing and green trees coming back from the Winter time. If you are interested in growing a tree or planting a new one, then you must be aware beforehand which tree will grow better in your garden and soil. For a tree to grow healthy, it needs good soil, sufficient water and space to develop their roots. 

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It is easy to plant a tree or a bed of flowers, but what it is not that simple is to maintain that tree healthy and to keep it from pests, bugs, extreme weather and other infections that unfortunately can destroy the life of your new tree. If you have some concerns about something or you believe that your tree is not growing right, you probably have to call some experts like an Arborist to check it for you. 

There are several benefits for you and your family when you plant a tree on your property, it will improve the air quality, and the water, also, beauty around your garden and even reduce soil erosion. And if the tree is sufficiently big will save you money reducing the cost of your heating system.

However, you must know that Ash trees have serious problems with pests and bugs, and takes two to three years to be noticeable. The Ash trees can provide wonderful shade for the Spring and Summer and there are several varieties, green, black, and white, but unfortunately, they can get infected, and if you do not treat them on time they will die. An emerald ash borer treatment denver co has to be done on time to save your tree and the surroundings. 

Therefore, whenever you decide to plant a tree, ask first about the probabilities of any infection, pests or bugs, therefore, you will know in advance what to do. The months to remove Ash trees is from October to April, if that it is the case and you do not have another option, it will be better for your lawn and garden to remove it if it is infected and it is too late to save it. 

An infected tree can damage other living plants around them, and affect everything within your lawn if you do not remove the eggs from the leaves and bark and underneath the softwood and act promptly. In fact, it will be better to plant a new tree if your Ash tree is already infected. 

Unfortunately, Ash trees, are in danger, thousands of trees have been infected with emerald ash borer. This small bug can be found in different places like wood chips or nursery plants and comes in egg shape destroying the tree completely and if you do not notice it from the beginning of the infestation, it will die. Therefore, before you decide which tree to plant in your lawn, find out first which one will grow better, and how much space it will need to grow healthy.