June 22, 2024


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Get Enchanted By The Kneeland Mansion


Going through a long period of various developments, The Kneeland Mansion deserves its asking price of $15 million because of its remarkable history. The mansion is classical in its structure and architectural elements that define iconic characteristics and attributes. What makes it timeless is its creative application of eccentric, contemporary, and transitional interior design and detailing aspects making it relevant to the modern-day luxurious sense of place. No wonder this mansion should be kept and preserved more than the reasons of its beauty and pleasing visual appearances.

Sotheby’s International Realty has the listing.

Clearly, the mansion has been thoroughly taken care of with technical formulation of the designs that preserve its classically-themed architectural elements since 1915. The magical thing about the mansion is it keeps its trend up-to-date even with its completely classical-renaissance main architectural elements. The mansion has high-ceiling rooms and spaces, visible and captivating carved moldings on walls and ceiling, marble-accented fireplaces, and walls that are fully designed to come up with cozy interiors. The floors are also changed to define a base that makes the rooms look warmer. Hence, the floor colors and shades are in pastel and neutral colors to define a versatile base perfect for any rug, carpet, and furniture style.

The rooms have different interior design themes, but the common qualities to describe the design is modern eccentric achieving a formal and edgy appearance to retain the mansion interiors’ integrity of being a 1915 vibe in the current-day situation. The mansion is an important structure of the past and current century because of its presence in society for several decades proving its durable building construction and magnificent views both in its interior and exterior architecture. All of the fixtures and furnishings are changed, similar to the layout of the interior designs. The walls are repainted to give a glowing makeover to fit the trends of the new generation. Wall colors like gray, turquoise, red, and beige are matched with contemporary prints of the home decors, lighting fixtures, rugs, carpets, tables, and chairs.

All architectural structures and elements such as windows, wall partitions, doors, louvers, moldings, and fireplaces remain in place that serves as the framework of the mansion’s overall attributes. The architects and designers just creatively applied the sustainable procedures of integrating the whole place to make it liveable and practically functional for the current setting. All areas became functional and operational through its spacious execution of interior designs making the mansion worth its asking price.


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