May 22, 2024


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‘You can’t make this up’


A mom’s shopping trip took an unexpected turn when a creepy-crawly caused a scene at the customer service desk.

TikToker Emily Vondy (@thevondyfam) gained over 350,000 views, 38,000 likes and hundreds of comments when she posted the spine-tingling tale to her account.

Now, much like the mom who was shocked to discover why her filtered water had such a deliciously sweet aftertaste, Emily’s viral story is inspiring secondhand cringe in TikTokers around the world.

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“Why will I never be stepping foot in my local Kohl’s again AND have $30 unused Kohl’s Cash? Great question, I would love to tell you!” Emily joked about her experience in the comment section of her viral video.

Posted with the caption, “This is what I get for shopping in store VS online like I normally do,” Emily’s video recalls how her attempt to return clothes went awry.

Emily reported she was already anxious about the experience because she “hates returning clothes.”

So you can imagine how much worse she felt when something climbed its way out of her stack of returns.

“The cashier looks down, screams, which makes ME scream, which makes everyone look at us,” Emily recalled, cringing.

“I’m looking at her, like, ‘Are you gonna kill this thing?’ Finally, I take the receipt out of her hand, and smush it,” said Emily, banging her car door for emphasis. “What else could I have done in that moment? I didn’t have a jar handy to capture it in a humane way and set it free. It was wreaking havoc in the Kohl’s store!”

Despite the terrifying experience, both Emily and the cashier managed to complete the return process.

“Bless her heart, she kept it as professional as she could,” said Emily, “but I’m pretty sure I almost gave her a heart attack.”

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‘I would have died…’

Viewers were both cracking up and cringing in the comment section.

“I worked at customer service at my local Kohls, and every piece of clothes would have been marked damaged and destroyed immediately,” one user joked.

“I work at a Kohl’s and I would have laughed! You would’ve made my day!! 😂” another user laughed.

“If I was the cashier, I would’ve ‘noped’ out and been done for the day,” shuddered another user.

“Spidey just wanted some Kohl’s cash,” one user joked.

“✏️🤓 Examine clothes for spiders before leaving store,” one user made a note to themselves.

“You can’t make this up,” another user laughed.

“I would have died,” one arachnophobe wrote.

They might creep us out, but spiders help to keep insect populations in check (and thus help to control the spread of disease), while also serving as a valuable food source for birds and other small animals.

So, the next time you return some clothing, remember Emily’s harrowing experience, and give your clothes a good shake outside beforehand! Your cashier — and our little spider friends — will thank you.

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