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10 Types of Living Room Styles


 Every homeowner strives to decorate their living room the most. Your living room is the place where you spend time relaxing and should reflect the quality of your overall home decor.

 If you are looking to switch up the style of your living room, there is a pool of themes to choose from. You can transform your living room from the trendiest styles to the traditional ones and give it a fresh new feel.

 While transforming your living room, it is always wise to stick to a particular theme for furniture, decorations, carpeting etc. When you stick to a theme you can never go wrong in preventing your decorations from turning up mismatched or appearing out of place. In this article, we have assembled a list of living room theme ideas that will enhance the presentation of your entire home.

1. Traditional

Traditional style homes are inspired by the 18th and 19th-century décor concepts. A traditional style home is usually sophisticated and symmetrical. However, it is not mandatory to adhere to symmetry to provide the living room with that antique feel. Maintaining a balance of 18th-century designs without allowing your living room to end up cluttered is ideal.

 Additionally, colour themes are rich with warm colours and a hint of floral and cosiness. We recommend avoiding sharp curves. Artwork placed on your walls or table should not be too modern and must keep that elegance. A classic antique interior design has elaborate woodwork, which is just the right element to perfect that traditional look.

2. Modern

Modern and contemporary can often be confused as the same, which is not the case. The modern theme originated in the 19th century and is known for its simplicity and sophistication. Contemporary refers to a more changing and not fixed theme that can include both modern and traditional aspects.

 Modern living room designs follow minimalism with a pallet of bright colours like white for its base. Black can be included as the contrast colour. Modern themes follow the least cluttered blueprint without any excess pillows and hints of metal decor. They tend to be more spacious with fewer walls in between rooms. Modern living room styles may not stand out like the rest, but they tend to exhibit their own uniqueness.

 3. Mid-Century

You can recognize a mid-century living room by its straight lines and organic curves. This style uses a minimal colour theme variety. Technological advances of the world inspire the Mid-century living room style, and yet, it still uses natural elements like wood for furniture. Mid-century themes have a geometric art style with graphic textures. Simplicity is maintained with the furnishing, and there are no additional details. Mid-century living rooms stand out with their orange pillows and monotone shades.

4. Cabin

If you want a snug, cosy living room design, the cabin style living room is the best option. This style uses warm colours and vintage furniture with soft, cosy lighting. It is recommended to decorate your floorings with heavy rugs. Incorporate a woodland colour pallet for your furniture and use stones for your fireplace. You can also find homes using composite cladding wood, which provides a durable effect. Centre your living room arrangements around the fireplace to attain that nice, homely feel.

5. Cottage

Cottage living room styles follow a light-hearted, calm, casual and relaxed theme. Things may be a little disorganised, but the object is to keep your living room humble and laid-back. Your cottage themed living room exudes a welcoming and homely aura that shows comfort. Mix your decoration pieces and use light, bright colours for that lively feel.

6. Mediterranean

A breezy, ocean-side inspired style is usually Mediterranean themed. Bright, welcoming colours with tiled floorings are ideal for this style of living room theme. Open windows to allow natural light are recommended to give a more Mediterranean feel. Earthy and bright colours combined are perfect for this style. Gold, rust and dusty yellow decorations and furnishings are preferred to attain that required look. Remember that this is seaside-inspired, so let your living room be a reflection of the ocean, sky, sand and pleasant breezes.

7. Country

Old farmhouse style decoration, commonly referred to as country-style, is a classic design that houses a vintage cosy atmosphere. It is best to keep it simple with a welcoming homestead aesthetic and a bright colour pallet. Using antiques as decorations is ideal for a country style living room. Revisiting the farm life of old America and its traditions, this incorporates an upbeat style of living room. This style is accented with homely vibes and picture frames representing a simple lifestyle.

8. Scandinavian

With eco-friendly interiors, the Scandinavian living room style originated around the 1930s, using modernism in its designs. It is heavily inspired by nature, where you can find plant decorations in some corners of the rooms. Natural light with neutral or ashy colour furniture and an organic feel is associated with the Scandinavian style living room. Large mirrors can easily be a perfect addition to complement this living room style. Greenery, natural light and a cosy fireplace are just what you need to complete your Scandinavian living room.

9. Victorian

Extravagant ornaments and silk floral print are heavily associated with the Victorian living room style, popularised during the Victorian era. It is one of the most royal, sophisticated living room themes. Candles and Victorian pieces are displayed to be viewed and admired. Floral prints can be seen present on the rugs and carpets, along with the seat covers of furniture and chairs.

10. Shabby Chic

Another comfortable, elegant yet light-hearted style of rooms is the shabby chic. It started in the 18th century. Shabby chic has hints of femininity in its designs and theme. It uses a pale colour pallet with white walls and silver features added to sofa covers.

Living rooms are considered a representation of the home as a whole. So, many people strive to make their living room look as stylish as possible. One way to do so is to choose an established living room style. There are many themes to choose from to construct your dream living room.

The list goes on from minimalistic designs to ocean-themed, floral, and Victorian living room styles suitable for all tastes. If you want to switch up your living room style or add life to it, we recommend choosing the style that best reflects your style and personailty.

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