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What Are the Most Common Faults with Double Glazing?


In most scenarios, double glazing faults get a long time to seem – some folks really do not encounter any troubles with their double glazing at all. 73% of folks working experience no concerns in any way in the initial 10 a long time with their double glazing. Nonetheless, faults can come about, primarily about time. Figuring out the issue early on and acquiring anyone to fix your double glazing faults is important in keeping your house effectively insulated and protected.

At Cloudy2Obvious, we’re top experts in providing high-quality double glazing options. We’re committed to supplying the most effective double glazing services, with above 15 several years of experience in industry. We’re also passionate about informing the general public about approaches to understand their double glazing has designed a fault – as any difficulties decrease the electrical power performance of your residence.

Here’s our guide to the most prevalent double glazing problems, as outlined by a 2021 study by Which.


Windows or doorways getting complicated to open up or close (30%)

If your double glazed windows or doorways come to be tough to open up and close, they may well will need repairing. Your doorways and windows can are unsuccessful because of to mechanical causes, such as locks and handles remaining defective or hinges shifting about time. It is truly worth checking each and every hinge, take care of, and lock to determine where by the problem is coming from before in search of a fix.

They can also increase extra hard to use successfully owing to weather situations. When it is hot outside the house, your frames and windows can extend – shrinking once more as soon as the weather conditions gets to be chilly. This places pressure on your fixtures and can cause them to shed their condition over time. To steer clear of this, wipe in excess of your window and door frames with cold drinking water in incredibly hot climate.


Windows or doors dropping in excess of time, so they really do not healthy as effectively (20%)

One particular of the crucial explanations windows or doors grow to be tricky to open or shut is that they have dropped over time. As we mentioned previously mentioned, this can happen due to the climate or mechanical faults. A double glazed window or doorway that does not suit the frame effectively loses its strength effectiveness, since neat air can enter the residence as a result of even the smallest of gaps in between the frames. This is why it is essential to get the issue fixed as before long as possible.

Other critical indications your double glazing needs repairing because of to sagging contain:

  • Unfastened hinges that never increase when you tighten the screws
  • Doors and home windows that get ‘stuck’ when you open up and shut them
  • No improvement to the difficulty when you’ve oiled the hinges and handles
  • Feeling a draught entering the dwelling where the window or doorway does not match properly

Locks not operating (15%)

The locks on your windows and doors can also fall short, that means the security of your property is compromised. To continue to keep your spouse and children and belongings risk-free, get any damaged locks mounted as soon as you see them.


Glass steaming up or complications with condensation (14%)

Each time damp, humid air comes into speak to with colder surfaces, condensation can type. Steamed glass is a poor indicator for double glazed windows, as the consistent presence of h2o by the seals all-around your window can weaken the seal – sooner or later resulting in gaps and allowing heat air escape your residence. Too much quantities of condensation can also outcome in mould around your windows, as the damp air offers the perfect conditions for mould to grow and spread.

If you detect condensation or cloudiness in between the two panes of your double glazing, your home windows in all probability will need changing. This can take place at any place with double glazing, especially in the winter months as your house is held at a hotter temperature than it is outdoor.

The superior information listed here is that there are preventative measures you can take that enable prevent the problem of condensation in the to start with location.

  • Ventilate rooms with fresh air, opening home windows when the temperature is not too cold
  • Open up windows when showering or bathing to let steam escape
  • Use extractors the place probable, this sort of as your oven extractor supporter
  • Install ventilation methods – trickle vents and air bricks can assist
  • Use a dehumidifier to cut down the humidity amounts within just your household

Seals all around doorways or home windows failing (12%)

As we outlined over, the seals in your double glazed windows or doorways can are unsuccessful. This can come about for a variety of factors, but it’s critical that you get these faults fastened to preserve the strength efficiency of your home windows.

·       All-natural Wear and Tear Over Time

As our windows age, so does the quality of the seals all over them.

·       Temperature Injury

In summer months, your home windows are uncovered to superior temperatures that can trigger the glass to grow. This places additional force on the seal as it copes with the added bodyweight. At night when the weather cools down, the glass then shrinks. This recurring method can problems the seal because of to the continuous expansion and shrinking of glass placing additional tension on the seal.

·       Faulty Producing

Harmed window seals can end result from faulty manufacturing or faulty elements applied to put in your double glazed home windows. To stay clear of this from the starting, seem for a high-quality double glazing specialist with exceptional reviews. If damaged seals happen because of to product or service faults, your manufacturer may perhaps have a window warranty in place so it is often worth examining ahead of you search for a repair service.

  • Inappropriate Upkeep
    The extra care we address our windows with, the for a longer period they will previous. If you use harming solutions on your windows these types of as force washers or sturdy cleaning products that can wear the plastic down, this can harm the seal.

Double glazing cracking or shattering (4%)

Home windows can split or crack, based on the weather problems and the way you take care of them. Although this is the least typical of the causes double glazing gets defective, it can come about. Avoid any destruction to your home windows by:

  • Decide for tempered glass when you have your double glazing fitted.
  • Opt for pale-coloured window coverings averting exreme temperature discrepancies.
  • Lessen humidity in your house by applying a dehumidifier, in particular in a lot more extreme temperatures.
  • Be very careful all around your double glazed windows and test for any scratches in the glass often. Any hurt to the glass creates weak points, which can later on lead to far more injury to your windows.

Restore Your Double Glazing with Cloudy2Clear

If you’ve seen any of the previously mentioned challenges with your double glazed windows, it is time to get them fixed! Repairing your home windows promptly is important to preserving your property vitality productive, lowering your heating costs as your windows get the job done to insulate your property them selves.

For extra facts about how Cloudy2Very clear can resolve your double glazing, get in contact with our knowledgeable workforce on 0800 61 21 119. We can deliver you with a absolutely free, no obligation quote so you know just how much your repairs will cost you. You can also fill out our useful on line make contact with variety if you’d like us to get back again to you to examine your quotation.





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