June 17, 2024


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U.P. Home and Garden show wraps up


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – On the final day of the U.P. Home and Garden show, people are getting one last look at what dozens of vendors have to offer.

Many vendors are seeing customers wanting to begin summer projects.

“Right now we’re seeing everyone wanting to do a lot of exterior remodeling. Siding, roofing, porches and decks, landscaping, things like that,” said Homebuilders Association of the U.P. Executive Officer.

Foster also says if you are wanting to hire a builder to complete a project, you should find one now, rather than later.

“Builders are booking up fast, if you’re looking to get something done next month it probably isn’t going to happen. A lot of them are booked up over 30 days and some over 6 months.”

And for those looking for multiple people to help with different projects, events like the U.P. Home and Garden show provide you with a one stop shopping opportunity.

“You can talk to several exhibitors at once and you don’t have to worry about the phone calls, you can shake someone’s hand, see and touch their product and see how it works and see if it’s something you would like and you can see the competition as well,” said Foster.

Supply chain issues can also be a concern if you are looking to complete a summer project. However, for one floor and carpet vendor, they are not seeing much of a supply shortage.

“For us it wasn’t too much of an impact really, in some areas yes, but most of our products are supplied and manufactured in Georgia but when it comes to some tiles that come from overseas or vinyl, there are some issues with that,” said Carpet Specialists Carpet One Floor & Home controller Deborah Niehaus.

The Home and Garden show also gave participants the chance to win money that could help with summer projects. “Builders show bucks” gave winners $1,000 to spend at any participating exhibitor’s business.

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