July 24, 2024


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Lighting for Your Home Office: Matching Productivity With Style


Because of the recent pandemic, lots of people in the last two years have migrated to the home office as their central hub of productivity. But having a home office has been trendy ever since the Internet allowed people to successfully run all their affairs from the same building where they eat and sleep. Now there are all sorts of products being advertised to furnish or spice up one’s home office, to either give it a professional flare or merge it with the casual aesthetics of the remainder of the house. What kind of space is your ideal home office? Does it have a sitting or standing desk? Office chair or bouncy ball? What kind of lighting should it have?

Why Is The Lighting In My Office Important?

The way we light out workspace says a lot about the mood in which we are comfortable working. The job you have may also influence the way you light your office. If you are a designer or visual artist chances are you want a well-lit room to do your drafting. On the other hand, if your job takes place solely on your computer or laptop then you have the options for no light at all if you like to operate in the peaceful dark. Or, maybe you are a YouTube-er and you work with various professional lighting in order to match the right vibe to the video you are producing. 

Picking The Right Type of Light

Even the type of light bulbs you use to light the office will have an impact on the way you work. Would you be surprised if I told you that blue light has been proven to make workers happier and more productive? You can even read the study for yourself. Although if I were a computer programmer and preferred a darker space to work, some dim red lights would actually be most enticing. The most popular colored lights come as LED bulbs masked with colored filters. If it’s the color blue you want, I recommend the pale brilliance of blue halogen bulbs. But some may even choose warm, white industrial lighting to match nostalgically with their previous office back in the city. These traditionally come as fluorescent tubes. 

Have A Strategic Arrangement

The way you arrange your lights is also important to creating the ambiance you are going for. Will you have a couple hanging lights suspended right above your desk, or will you have wall-lights mounted in the same position? If you don’t mind sharing surface space, then having a lamp on the desk is a common practice. Did you know that there are and endless amount of floor, table and task-lamps (basically desk-lamps) to choose from, as well as customizable lamp shades? You might even have a comfy couch in the corner where you go to sit back with your laptop when you’re not at the desk in a meeting. Why not place a standing floor lamp nearby to keep you awake and motivated during those early mornings? 

Who Can Match Your Sense of Style?

What is the style of your office? Is everything decked out in tiger stripes and leopard print? Do you have a color theme? Maybe you are trying to make the office as boring and functional as possible to remind yourself you’re not at home. Either way, if you go to cotterellandco.com you will probably find lighting that matches whatever style you are going for. From old timey to retro to the experimental designs of the modern era, the options for lighting will have you spending an entire day redecorating your office trying to capture the vibe you get when you shop for these. One of my favorites is a wall-mount that is a raven on a small section of branch holding a light in its beak. You can even choose between having the bird facing right or left!

My Favorite Lights

My personal favorite style of light is the hanging pendant. They can hang at any altitude to fit any purpose; higher above to light an entire room or lower down to illuminate working space or for heat If you have a low ceiling, then they especially make sense to have hanging over a desk, table or chair. The fixture around the light can also vary: from an unobtrusive top-shade to a swirling ceramic design or perhaps a glass orb surrounding the entire bulb; maybe teardrop-shaped to mimic a delicate drop of rain suspended from the sky.


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