May 30, 2024


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Top Heating Tips to Try Out in 2019

2019 is here! Is your wallet feeling the pinch now that the festive season has come to a close? For most of us, mainly those going through their bank records, making it through the earlier parts of the year, the month of January to be exact, may seem like an uphill battle.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could be able to save on heating costs, especially considering the fact that most people forget to factor in the cost of keeping their homes comfortably warm throughout the festive period in their monthly budget? Don’t worry, there won’t be any mention of foil or bubble wrap! Read on to learn some useful tips on how to save on your home’s heating cost in 2019.

Sleep Tight

During the cold season, be sure to have the right duvet. Before buying one, check the tog rating guide, usually indicated on the side of the packaging, or look at some samples which are available at most shopping outlets.

Consider laying out several rugs at your bedside if you have wooden flooring at home. Alternatively, you can set the thermostat to low and make significant savings by buying some adorable warm blankets which you can snuggle under while relaxing on the couch, or be spread over your usual bedding. Wear some additional layers of clothes and don’t forget to make use of those Christmas socks as well!

Get With the Smart Trend

Think about having a smart meter installed in your home and get to track and save on your energy usage. Fortunately, until 2020, these are available for free for those of you living in the UK. Start your journey towards energy savings now by simply seeking more information from your utilities company.

Shop Smart

For the best offers, perfect for your pocket and home, use Uswitch and/or a website like as you hunt for the best prices when shopping. With the right offers, you stand to save hundreds of pounds.

Work Your Home’s Interior Decor

Windows account for 10 to 25 percent of your home’s overall heat loss. During the day, opening shades and curtains, to allow sunlight into the indoor space, on all windows facing south will make it possible for you to reap the warming capabilities of the sun’s heat. You can create a warmer space without spending any money, by shutting doors to other rooms, leaving the radiator clear by moving your sofa farther from it; you definitely don’t have to fret about remodeling your entire living room. You can also place a balloon, which can be removed or deflated when you wish to light a fire, over your fireplace, if your house has one, to prevent warm indoor air from going up and out the chimney,

Use Insulation to Retain Heat

From under-floor heating, double glazed windows and loft insulation, it is often said that insulation is your best weapon against heat loss. If the above-mentioned options are beyond your budget, consider using a draught excluder, a more affordable alternative, as a barrier against draughts and always keep doors shut.

Generate Some Heat

For a flexible and fully customisable energy saving option consider buying a top quality electric heating systems and use to warm up your office space or house. You can get an Italian built radiator, which operates quietly and comes with a ten year warranty with prices starting way below the 400 pound mark, or get a Vantage model, with the standard warranty period set at thirty years, with prices starting way below the 300 pound mark. With these options, you will no longer have to bleed your radiators before the cold season, in addition to making significant cost savings.

Winter Break

You can use the money you save by practicing the above cost saving tips to fund a sun-soaked winter break if all else fails.