June 13, 2024


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  • If your teenager has outgrown their childhood bedroom decor, it’s time to elevate their space to a more sophisticated room that reflects their personality.
  • Getting your teen involved with selecting a colorful teen bedroom scheme is a great opportunity to let them have ownership and freedom over their bedroom.
  • Investing in a professional interior paint project during this bedroom design change will make future transitions less work.

It’s hard to admit that your little one isn’t so little anymore. When their race car bed drives onto the curb for trash day and their whimsical zoo animal wall decals get peeled off, it’s the perfect time to add your teen’s room to your list of interior rooms that could benefit from a professional painting project.

It can be hard to find common ground with your teenager on, well, most things. Choosing a color that will express your teenage boy or girl’s personality, while ensuring their color scheme fits into the rest of your home’s aesthetic, can be a challenging process–but don’t fret. We’ve got some recommendations on youthful colors and painting techniques that will help create a space you both will agree is better without the princess canopy or treehouse vibes.

A teenager’s bedroom should be a place they feel completely comfortable, and the colors on the walls should be able to stay relevant even if their interests change. Their bedroom is an extension of their personality, and a professional painting project can be a great opportunity for them to begin taking ownership over their living space.

The professionals at CertaPro Painters® will skillfully execute their color scheme, and they can focus on selecting new bedding and decor to complete their on-trend transformation. Don’t be surprised if the finished space makes your home the envy of all their friends–establishing it as the cool, new hangout headquarters.

Out With the Old, In With the…Old?

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Vintage interior design trends are back in style. The design world has become completely taken with the mid-century modern look popularized in the 1950’s that embraces tapered legs, curved shapes and color combinations that mix-and-match vibrant pops of color with neutral hues. The sleek and sophisticated aesthetic is universally loved and offers excellent examples of paint colors for a teenager’s bedroom.

Sherwin-Williams has made it even easier to bond with your teen over some good, old-fashioned nostalgia with their “Vintage Finds” color collection that curates 20 paint colors to use as a guide for harnessing those retro vibes.

Orange and brown are a classic mid-century modern duo. The vibrancy of a bold orange gets toned down when paired with a brown, even in the form of a wood furnishing. A teen color scheme could revolve around the “Vintage Finds” collection where the primary color used is Amber Wave (SW6657) as its orange selection, which is full of positive energy.

Paint colors for a teen boy’s room could include colors like Chartreuse and gray, another combination that is unmistakable mid-century modern. The Sherwin-Williams take on these colors are Frolic (SW6703) and Morning Fog (SW6255).

For a teenage girl’s bedroom color scheme you could try pretty pastels instead of bold hues. A pastel pink color like Lotus Flower (SW 6310) pairs well with browns and wood tones.

The mid-century modern look is everywhere, which means that every furniture and home goods store is embracing its revival. Your teen will have no problem finding complementary decor and furnishings to pair with their retro color scheme. Maybe you even have an heirloom piece of furniture or decor you’ve been saving for them until they were older that can finally make its debut in a space that makes it feel like it was always meant to be there.

Those vinyls you’ve been saving in the basement? Time to bring them upstairs. Vintage is being embraced in more than just the design world. A turntable may be on your teen’s shopping list for their room remodel!

Give Them Something No One Else Has

Teenagers are all about making statements. Let them know that if they’re interested in making a bold statement in their bedroom, the skilled team at CertaPro Painters® can skillfully execute trendy statement walls of geometric designs or faux-painted finishes to create a unique wall. The professional painting contractors at CertaPro Painters® can create everything from rough, old-world textures to modern, sleek metallics.

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Our painters can execute subtle stripes or bold geometric patterns that your teen will be taking selfies in front of for their Instagram photos. Lean into their love of all-things-social-media and encourage them to browse through some popular design hashtags and interior design blogs (like this one) to get some inspiration to help guide the conversation with the CertaPro Painters® team. Create patterns with both punchy, bold color schemes or neutral, muted ones.

Benjamin Moore makes chalkboard paint that can provide your teen with a colorful canvas to keep track of their school and extr
acurricular activities on––or just a fun wall on which to doodle drawings or words of inspiration. The best part is that they won’t be limited to just green or black chalkboards. Benjamin Moore’s chalkboard paint comes in thousands of colors making it compatible with whatever color scheme they choose.

Interior Design 101

It’s okay if neither you nor your teen know their way around a color wheel. It’s a learning opportunity that you and your teen can help each other navigate together. When developing an overall theme of a room, it’s recommended to use the 60-30-10 rule to help keep the room looking unified. It’s a simple concept that helps create balance in the space.

You’ll want to have 60 percent of the walls painted your base primary color––think of this as the color that serves as the backdrop for what comes next––and 30 percent to be the secondary color. To find a color that’s complementary to your base color, look directly opposite of where it appears on the color wheel. Finally, the remaining says 10 percent is your accent color.

“Using a geometric statement wall, stencil work or a simple stripe is an easy way to pull in your secondary colors to help support the main color,”says Jessica Belman of CertaPro Painters® of Eastside, WA.“In a teen’s bedroom, accent pillows, lamps or artwork can be a way to work in your accent color.”

You’re always telling your kid to give it 110 percent and interior design is no exception. Sometimes one accent color isn’t enough, so don’t be afraid of getting a patterned pillow or print that brings in all of their favorite colors. Not sure which shade to choose for your primary color or need some help thinking through what would make a good secondary or accent color? When you choose CertaPro, you’ll have access to our color consultants who can help you and your teen navigate the color journey.

End The Bedroom Clutter Battle

Not only is having your teen’s bedroom repainted a smart aesthetic choice, but it is a step toward helping your teen take responsibility and ownership over their space. A messy room is a symbol of the adolescent age––a collection of water glasses on the nightstand, a collage of photos and posters tacked to the wall and a layer of clothing that has become the foundation of the floor.

When they see you’re willing to let them choose colors and patterns that make the room feel more personal to them, they may be more likely to take care of that space. People take care of the things they’re proud of. They show them off. They maintain them. A professional painting projects  can help you win the ongoing battle of trying to get your teen to declutter their space once and for all.

Ease Into Future Transitions

Investing in a professional interior painting projects for your teen’s space is not only a wise investment now, but one that will help make transitions even easier down the line. You’re making an investment in your home now that will grow as your family does.

It’s hard to imagine your little baby one day moving on to their next chapter that isn’t under your roof, but it will be here before you know it. In a few years they may be deciding to head off to college or moving out on their own in pursuit of their next chapter.

Getting a high-quality paint project now can help you continue to transition their bedroom into whatever its next purpose is once you’re left with an empty nest. Maybe it will be repurposed into a guest bedroom or a home office. Having a meticulous paint project done now means it will be one less thing you’ll have to do when the space once again takes on a new identity.

CertaPro Painters® provides a range of custom interior painting services, allowing for a smooth transition as your rooms need updating as their inhabitants begin new life stages. Get in contact with the team at 1-800-689-7271 or visit us to get a free estimate if you’re ready to get your teen in a space they’ll love.


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