July 22, 2024


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How to Create a Luxury Bathroom on an Affordable Budget


A luxurious bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive and outside your reach. With a few simple bathroom renovations in Wellesley, you can create a comfortable, relaxing oasis in your bathroom. Your remodeling contractors in Massachusetts will work closely with you to help you choose the luxury features you want for your bathroom without overspending your budget.

A Walk-in Shower


Instead of installing a fancy, expensive bathtub you may not have time to use every day, you can improve the level of luxury in your bathroom with a walk-in shower. As part of your bathroom remodeling in Wellesley, MA, a walk-in shower allows you to effectively use the area for a relaxing space you can conveniently use every day. Your contractors will help you choose an elegant showerhead that gives you the experience you want without the high expense of a jacuzzi bathtub.


Upgrade Your Lighting


The lighting you use in the bathroom can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere. When you choose the light fixtures for your vanity mirror, consider placing lights on either side of the mirror instead of a bar over the top. This setup will provide a softer lighting effect and an enhanced sense of luxury in the room. Pot lights can be an effective solution for your shower or bathtub and other darker areas of the room.


Change the Vanity


Bathroom renovations can be affordable.

Learn how to get luxury bathroom renovations at affordable prices.

Even though the vanity isn’t the most expensive element of bathroom renovations in Wellesley, it can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of the room. Choose a vanity that matches the overall style you want in a size that makes the best use of the space. Your remodeling contractors in Massachusetts can recommend one that will look best and provide you with the amount of storage you need.


Consider Tiles


Most homeowners already use tiles in their bathtub or shower surround, along with the flooring. However, if you’re trying to give your new bathroom a more luxurious feel, using tiles from floor to ceiling throughout the room will give you the effect you want. With all the styles, sizes, and colors available, you are sure to find something that will create the beautiful bathroom you’ve always wanted.


A Spa-Like Feel


It can be costly to spend time at the spa, but creating a spa-like feel in your home is easily accomplished without overwhelming your renovation budget. As part of your bathroom remodeling in Wellesley, MA, you can choose features that evoke the feel of spending time in a luxury spa, such as burners to spread the scent of essential oils through the room or installing a rain shower showerhead. Your contractors will have ideas you can use to ensure a relaxing experience.


If you’re interested in upgrading your bathroom into a luxury bathroom on a low budget, contact us. Our team is ready to work with you to create the atmosphere you want in your home.


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