December 6, 2023


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Solar Arrays: An Understanding of Its Components and Applications

The Age of Solar Energy Abundance Is Coming in Hot

A solar panel system has a lot of components that make it efficient and effective in converting sunlight into electricity. The solar array is one of the most important components of this system and helps in the overall performance of solar energy.

What is Solar Array?

A solar array is a set of photovoltaic (PV) cells connected electrically and mechanically, allowing them to generate electricity from sunlight. The PV cells absorb light energy, convert it into electrical energy, store it and then supply it to the inverter. The array comprises several photovoltaic modules connected in series or parallels to increase the voltage and current output.

Applications of Solar Array

Solar arrays are an invaluable resource offering versatile functions to homeowners, commercial establishments, and entire communities. They provide electricity to remote locations that lack access to the grid and a renewable source of electricity for electric vehicles. Solar power plants comprising larger solar array networks also generate sustainable power for hundreds or thousands of households and companies.

Moreover, an array’s geographic location and orientation are essential to consider if you want your solar energy system to be as effective as possible. Installers must consider the geographical region, the potential for sun exposure, and the direction it faces to maximize power production. Additionally, combining a solar array with other renewable sources, such as wind or hydropower, can create a hybrid system that gives even more dependable access to electricity around-the-clock.

Advantages of Solar Array

Solar arrays are a superb choice for many applications, as they provide abundant clean and reliable energy without relying on fossil fuels or emitting greenhouse gases. Plus, once installed, these systems require minimal maintenance since the PV cells don’t need additional fuel sources to operate—they can last up to several decades with proper upkeep! Not only does installing solar panels help reduce energy costs in the long run, but it also increases your property value. A smart investment opportunity all around!

Where is the Optimal Placement for a Solar Array?

Rooftops are the go-to choice for installing solar panels, but if you have outdoor space and plenty of sunlight, a ground-mounted system is your best bet. Unlike rooftops with limited dimensions, ground-mounted arrays offer flexibility in orientation and tilt angle so that the panels can capture maximum sun energy for optimal production efficiency. In turn, the production of electricity increases over time.

For the peak performance of your solar panels, you can also go for elevated installations or place them on a rooftop. However, if you choose to have an elevated installation, it is best to discuss with your installer which mounting option will suit all of your needs. Moreover, you can install these elevated arrays in gazebos at the optimal angle for maximum efficiency and energy production.


A solar array is a fundamental component of any PV system and is essential in converting sunlight into electricity. These systems have various applications, from residential households to large-scale power plants, making them highly efficient and cost-effective energy-producing solutions. Regarding optimal placement and installation, several options, such as elevated or ground-mounted systems, depending on your needs. Switch to renewable energy and partner with a reputable solar panel installation company Orlando. Solar panels are a fantastic way for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of clean, sustainable power sources!