March 4, 2024


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Organic Gardening – Pole Beans Or The Bush Bean

The bush and the pole bean both are a common crop that is grown in the home garden. The choice between either one has a lot to do with personal preference. They both are a highly productive crop and easy to grow.

There are gardeners that prefer the bush bean over the pole type because they they produce a high yielding crop in a short period of time, but they also take up a lot more room in your garden that you could be growing other crops. Another thing about the bush types is that they rarely have pest or disease problems because of the shorter period of time they are growing in the garden. Having a shorter maturity time it does give the gardener the space later in the season to start another crop, also known as a succession crop, or a different crop it’s location before the growing season ends.

The gardeners that prefer the pole bean like them for the way they are grown vertically, using less garden space and being a plus for a garden with limited space. They do tend to have more of a chance with having problems with disease or pests because of there longer maturity time frame. These problems usually happens at the later time in there growing season causing a disfigured foliage. This variety of bean tend to take more time to start producing a crop, but they continue producing slowly throughout the summer months. This is an advantage if you like to pick fresh beans everyday or two throughout a good part of the growing season without replanting.

The taste is another reason that the choice is a personal preference. Not everyone’s taste or gardening practices are the same. Both types of bean will give you a highly productive yield if the proper care is taken.