March 4, 2024


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Oli Sykes’ clothing brand Drop Dead NEUTRALS collection


Oli Sykes‘ clothing brand Drop Dead has announced a new collection called NEUTRALS. Check out some pieces from the collection below.

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The collection symbolizes neutrality through muted color palettes, genderless designs and a reduced carbon footprint. NEUTRALS features 12 items, including hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts and lounge pants.

Drop Dead is dedicated to making products safely and responsibly. The luxury loungewear is created from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, Drop Dead produced the clothing using wind turbines and zero AZO dyeing processes.

“Fast fashion has ruined the way we look at clothes. Trends come and go, creating so much waste and damage along the way,” Jacob Harry Carter, head of direction, says in a press release. “We know that it is our responsibility as a brand to create clothes that aren’t designed to be thrown away, but last for years and years and maintain a permanent fixture within wardrobes, even as styles change. In the design process, we looked at every way we could to limit the environmental impact of the garments — from using renewable energy sources to changing our dyeing processes to save water. It could never sit right with us to exploit the planet we all share.”

[Photo courtesy of Drop Dead]

[Photo courtesy of Drop Dead]

[Photo courtesy of Drop Dead]


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