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21 Backyard Cabana Ideas 2022 To Get Inspired By


I think having a backyard cabana is something just about all of us want in life. Imagine having the perfect relaxing spot in your backyard next to your pool house to enjoy on those lazy Sunday afternoons or warm weekday evenings after a long workday? 

If you’re interested in building a gorgeous cabana in your backyard, keep reading for 21 of the best cabana ideas to give you inspiration for your build!

Let’s Get Social

Group of friends enjoying their time on a backyard of a modern country house

Love entertaining but wish you could have an outdoor space to get together with your friends and family? This cabana is perfect for hanging out with your favorite people for dinner and drinks.

To pull off this backyard cabana idea, you’ll need to build a simple wooden structure to make sure you’re protected from the elements. Simplicity is key with this design, so all you’re going to need to decorate is a couple of meters of string lights along the wooden roof, and maybe an outdoor kitchen with a sturdy dining table and a couple of chairs.

Staycation Station

Outdoor living spaces cabana on a deck

The hustle and bustle of daily life can be incredibly draining for many of us. Why not try a slow home-based staycation when the going gets tough? With a backyard cabana like this one, you’ll get to enjoy the experience of being on vacation while chilling in your backyard.

This idea makes use of a slightly elevated wooden deck, an open gazebo, and some outdoor furniture. Throw in an outdoor umbrella to add the perfect finishing touch and you’ll have the ideal lounging area for your next staycation!

A Cozy Cabana

Cozy cabana set-up on a short space relaxed backyard area

Short of space in your backyard but would love to create a little relaxation area? Try out this idea for a cozy, country-style cabana that doesn’t take up much space at all.

For this idea, you’re going to need a patio swing and some outdoor furniture. Finish off the look with some plants and floral cushions to spruce things up. 

Time For A Sunny Snooze

Gazebo with a wooden bed under a mosquito net on a backyard set-up

Now, this is what my dreams are made of! An outdoor daybed is perfect for afternoon naps (or lunch break power naps if you’re a remote worker like me). 

To pull off this amazing idea, you will need a deck of some sort to place the base of the bed on. Once you’ve placed your bed on the deck and added some throw cushions and linen, don’t forget to hang some sheer white curtains for some privacy and to keep the mosquitos out. Check out these sheer, water-resistant curtains  which will look absolutely stunning!

This piece has more information on how to waterproof a mattress for outdoors!

A Serene Garden Pavilion

Perfect outdoor pavilion in a wonderful green environment

Have you ever had those days where you just felt like you needed help to get those creative juices flowing or some fresh air to wake your brain up on a Monday? This idea is for you if you’ve ever wished you could physically take your dining room or study outdoors for some fresh air! 

This outdoor pavilion is the perfect escape from a stuffy study. It gives you the ideal space to get your work done or have a meal with the company of tweeting birds and beautiful blossoms in your garden. 

A Japanese Garden House

Japanese-inpired garden house cabana

If you’re looking to create the perfect hiding spot in your backyard, this is it! This Japanese-inspired backyard cabana that’s nestled away into the outskirts of your yard is secluded enough to give you that much-needed “me time” while still being in the comfort of your own backyard. 

The focal point of this cabana is its roof, which gives off a traditional Japanese aesthetic. Once you’ve got that built, you can add in an outdoor bench or swing and you’ll be good to go!

A Cottage-Inspired Cabana 

Cottage-inspired cabana on a well maintained clean green backyard

Are you a fan of weekend barbecues and backyard picnics but don’t have much yard space? Check out this cute cottage-inspired cabana! 

This idea plays on the fine combination of quaint and functional. Best suited for a corner in your backyard, this backyard cabana is perfect for smaller yards with just enough space for a minimalistic outdoor kitchen.

A Wonderful Wooden Cabana

Wonderful wooden backyard gazebo cabana on a summer day

Wood is such a timeless material that will always be my first choice for any home and outdoor project. Not only is it more cost-effective compared to many modern materials, but it’s also easier on the eye!

What makes this wooden cabana so special is the beautiful cut-work paneling that adds a whole new dimension to it. Try this one if you’d like a quiet little corner to read or get some work done while getting a good dose of nature.

If you have an unused shed in your yard, you can always try using that as a cabana instead of building a new one from scratch. There are a couple of things you should know about using sheds as cabanas though, such as the cost factor involved to run electricity and where in your yard is best to place it.

If you’d like to purchase a shed to repurpose it as a cabana, don’t forget to check out reviews on the best metal, resin and wooden sheds on the market, and do some research on when is the best time of the month to purchase, as well as what size you can get without needing a permit.

Summer Vibes

Summer vibes open wooden gazebo in a garden with apple trees and flowers
Open wooden gazebo in the garden with apple trees and flowers. Summer landscape background

Are you planning on getting your backyard ready in time for summer? This beautiful backyard cabana provides the perfect outdoor escape when you’re entertaining family and friends over the holidays. 

The addition of fruit trees and beautiful plants bordering the cabana fits in so well with this aesthetic. Throw in some wooden outdoor furniture and hang up string lights for ambient lighting and you have the most magical summer cabana.

A Horticulturalist’s Dream Cabana

Alfresco living area with a horticulturalists dream cabana

If you’re an avid gardener who loves a pristine-looking yard that’s perfectly edged and trimmed, this one’s for you! The rather unusual shape of this cabana adds such beautiful dimension here and it perfectly complements this gorgeous backyard cabana.

Full disclosure: to pull off this exact cabana, you’re going to need to either know your way around complex builds or hire a professional. While it isn’t a simple structure, it will definitely add a simplistic feel to your backyard!

Poolside Cabana 

Large in-ground pool with poolside cabana
An Overhead Drone Shot of a Gorgeous Suburban Backyard With a Large In-Ground Pool and Cabana

This poolside cabana is just what the doctor ordered for all the water lovers out there! Imagine a pool house just a couple of steps away from a sparkly blue pool – this is definitely some of the top ingredients for the perfect summer experience, especially if you have kids!

If you have enough space to build your swimming pool cabana alongside the length of your pool, you’ll be able to go all out with outdoor furniture because you’ll have more than enough space to fill. Think about adding day beds, sun loungers, sheer drapes, and outdoor umbrellas and you’ve got yourself the perfect pool house to relax this summer.

Need more sunken pool cabana ideas? Keep reading for more of the good stuff!

A Snug Pool Cabana  

Snug pool in the backyard with sunbeds directly under the rays of the sun

Still want a swimming pool cabana but don’t have enough space to pull off an idea like the one above? This is one of my favorite pool cabana ideas in my opinion because it doesn’t require much effort (or money) at all but it still creates a cool pool house.

All you need to do to pull off these pool cabanas is to jazz up your patio with an outdoor dining room and an outdoor kitchen, add in some wooden loungers and voila, you’ve got a pool house!

A Landscaper’s Paradise

A landscape design for a backyard plan with a hut and a pool

Here’s another one for the avid gardeners and those who are sticklers for a pristine looking yard. 

This pool cabana resembles a small hut-like structure within close distance to the pool area. It’s too small to be decked out with an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area, but I’m sure you would be able to fit in a cute porch swing or a daybed.

Tropical Pool Cabana 

Excellent tropical cabana on a well maintained clean pool

Is it just me or does this tropical pool cabana also remind you of one of those picture-perfect hangouts in Bali or the Maldives? This is one of the best pool cabana ideas I’ve seen! This breathtaking cabana is made up of a wooden structure that runs along the length of the pool and a thatched roof.

These swimming pool cabanas are perfectly complemented by overhanging trees and lots of shrubbery and flowers!

Tent-Like Backyard Cabana 

Tent-like backyard cabana design that looks cozy specially at night

Are you planning a small event with friends or family and would like to host it outdoors? Check out this cabana idea that makes use of a tent covered by white curtains

This look is pulled together by some comfy furniture like a couch, cushions, a coffee table, a rug and warm lighting.

Pergola Cabana 

Romantic pergola cabana on a backyard set-up with lights

Looking for the perfect place to relax outdoors with your significant other? This pergola cabana creates the most romantic vibe that’ll recreate just what you need for some quality time!

This pergola with four posts and a loose overhead covering is great for warm evenings. Add in some outdoor seating area, like the one pictured above, drape a string of fairy lights along the perimeter of the pergola and you’ve got yourself a cozy little romantic spot to relax!

Warm And Inviting Cabana Tent

Warm and inviting design backyard cabana with a swing

This cabana design is one of my favorite backyard cabana ideas! It’s just so inviting and comfortable yet so simple to create.

This idea makes use of a tent, a beautiful sitting area with fluffy cushions, a swing, and pretty little string lights that rest on a platform of stone tiles.

Backyard Teepee Tent

Backyard teepee tent cabana with sunrays passing through the roof

Need a temporary fix for an event? How about this rustic-style teepee tent? Decorated with some potted plants and cushions, this tent creates a rather relaxing atmosphere for you to hang out with a loved one.

What’s great about this design is that it’s easy to decorate. Notice the difference in height between the potted plants? The effect this creates is subtle yet bold enough to elevate a simple teepee tent to a mini cabana.

Camping Cabana 

Camping tent cabana on a green grass backyard

Looking for an idea to give the kids their first camping experience? Check out this backyard tent!

This is a fuss-free idea that really only needs a white tent to recreate because it’s just so simplistic. All you need to do is make sure you’ve secured the tent well (because you don’t want it flying away in the middle of the night) and that you’ve got enough snacks and spooky stories, and you’ll be good to go!

Party Cabana 

Pointed style party tent backyard cabana

If you’re planning a little party in your backyard, you definitely need this white party cabana to protect you from the elements!

Cabanas like these are made up of waterproof fabric and even come with transparent sides that resemble windows so you don’t have to worry about getting your own lighting!

Rustic Style Cabana

Rustic style backyard cabana with an orange flower in the center of the table

Looking for a more natural cabana vibe? This rustic style cabana gives you just that!

To recreate this look once you’ve got your structure in place, all you need is some simple wooden furniture and some potted plants. 


What Is An Outdoor Cabana? 

An outdoor cabana is a type of shelter that’s typically found outside near the pool area and beaches. Outdoor cabanas are similar to gazebos.

What Is The Difference Between A Gazebo And A Cabana?

The difference between a gazebo and a cabana is that a gazebo has open sides while a cabana has three closed-off sides and just one opening.

What Is The Difference Between A Cabana And A Pergola?

The difference between a cabana and a pergola is that a cabana offers full shelter while a pergola only offers gently filtered sunlight due to their latticed roofs.

Found Your Favorite Cabana Yet?

And there you have it: 21 of the best cabana ideas to give you inspiration for your next backyard project!

Cabanas really pull together the whole style of a home. Whether it was the elaborate pool cabanas or the tent ideas that sparked your interest, I hope you were able to figure out which one would work for you and your yard. 

Please let me know in the comments below whether you’ve found this article helpful!

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