April 21, 2024


Amazing design, nonpareil

Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga made a mobile game to promote a new clothing line


The collision of gaming and fashion carries on to manifest in unforeseen means: the most current example is a web match to boost a collaboration among Gap, Balenciaga, and Ye.

The match, which released at the very same time as the in-keep Yeezy Gap Balenciaga selection and its very pricey T-shirts, is a reasonably uncomplicated cell title with a large-fashion aesthetic. (You can engage in it in a browser proper here, while it only works on cell.) You commence by developing an avatar, which will involve picking a gender, skin tone, and — of course — choosing from 1 of a number of vaguely article-apocalyptic-model outfits. From there, the recreation alone is basic if a minor odd your avatar soars by way of the sky, and you have to go your phone from side to facet to acquire birds, which somehow preserve you afloat. It is generally a rating-chasing arcade activity with some neat clothes.

It is also section of a development of vogue businesses entering the worlds of gaming and the unwell-outlined metaverse. Balenciaga has been significantly lively: the fashion property has partnered with Fortnite, manufactured virtual clothing for Meta’s avatar shop, and even crafted a standalone sport to debut a new selection. Somewhere else, manufacturers such as Burberry, Gucci, and Longchamp have produced very similar moves.


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