June 17, 2024


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Wordle x LEGO IDEAS “LEGORDLE” Concept


LEGO IDEAS user tolsky is reimagining the viral game Wordle with LEGO bricks.

Dubbed “LEGORDLE,” the concept introduces a LEGO build and play version of the New York Times-acquired game. Each set comes with a box that features the original Wordle backdrop and three tile sets of the Roman alphabet with white, yellow and green backgrounds similar to the game. When players have figured out what the word of the day is, they can then neatly store the tiles inside the backdrop box so nothing gets lost.

“It’s simple, there is no app for it, and you can only play once a day, yet Wordle has taken the world by storm and by this point you are probably sharing your daily results on social media religiously,” tolsky wrote. “While the single puzzle a day is quite popular, my son has found a much more fun to play Wordle. He draws a board on a piece of paper, I guess a word, then he highlights the letters either yellow or green so that I can guess again. Then we change roles, I think up a word (that a 2nd grader would be familiar with) and he has to guess. Not only does this allow him to play using words he is familiar with (sorry, “AGORA”), but it turns a social media game into an actual social game.”

tolsky also notes that LEGORDLE allows users to play in any language that uses Roman letters, as well pinyin to play in Chinese.

Check out the Wordle LEGO IDEAS set on the LEGO IDEAS website.

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