May 30, 2024


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Why Intention Setting Is Critical To Organizing Your Home


Where Most People Go Wrong With Intention Setting

So if intention setting is so directive + guides you — then where do most people fail? Where do they go wrong with intention setting? 

Honestly, it’s simple. I said intention setting was an aim to where you’re going. People who fail over and over again organizing their home lose sight of their compass. 

They lose sight of “why” they’re doing it in the first place.

We’ve discussed a lot about intentional living in the past. Which was making choices for your home that were in alignment with your overarching goals. 

And intention setting is so incredibly critical to organizing your home because it’s all about maintaining clarity + staying focused on why having a beautiful and functional home matters to you. 

Home Is Continuous

As your needs, desires and life evolves — your home will too. 

Take for instance the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite the fact that it’s only been painted end-to-end three times in its entire lifespan, it is constantly getting routine touch-ups. In fact, touch-up painting never stops as it’s the primary maintenance job of the 28 painters on staff. 

Yep, you read that right… 28 painters!

Exposed to constant corrosion from the salty sea breeze, painting of the Golden Gate Bridge is continuous + there is no finish line because the moment they get done — they’re evaluating where else needs to be touched up in order to protect the integrity of the bridge. Which is absolutely incredible…

Like the Golden Gate Bridge, organizing your home requires attention. It’s not, set it + forget. You’ll constantly be evaluating what’s working + what isn’t in order to create a home that’s everything you need + nothing more.

You see, when you take the time to really evaluate the change you want from your home — the biggest benefit you get from intention setting is clarity. 

Clarity, in what’s important to you, what’s not important. And then you begin to make decisions for your home that are in alignment with those values instead of whatever advertisement you’re being inundated with.

Well friend, there you have it…everything you need to know about why intention setting is critical for organizing your home! And don’t forget, if you’re in the preliminary planning stages of your next project, let’s chat

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