March 4, 2024


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Why Asphalt Shingles Are (Still) The Top Choice For Homeowners

Why Asphalt Shingles Are (Still) The Top Choice For Homeowners

When it is time for a new roof, most home owners go straight for asphalt shingles. Other roofing components such as metal, slate, and tile may give improved toughness and longevity, but the fact is asphalt shingles stay the top selection of roofing components for homeowners in the US and for excellent rationale!

As the minimum costly of the roofing supplies, asphalt shingles are a well-known option not only among house owners but makers as very well. As this sort of, there have been a lot of improvements to asphalt shingles in excess of the yrs to the level in which some can compete towards their a lot more high priced brethren!

Like Desktops, Asphalt Shingle Technology Has Innovative Considerably In The Past Handful of Decades

When you believe of the time period “technology” you almost certainly feel of personal computers, mobile telephones, and other electronics but technological innovation actually refers to the application of scientific awareness to anything for simple applications, especially field, and the technological improvements in the roofing industry around the final 30 many years is almost nothing short of astonishing!

Back in the day, owners did not have quite a few selections when it arrived to picking asphalt shingles. It was generally organic and natural 3-tab shingles and your color selections were constrained mostly shades of gray to black, They didn’t final as very long and they also did not contain a lot of of the issues we take for granted currently.

Speedy ahead to the 21st Century and we now have fiberglass shingles that are little by little (but definitely) changing these aged organic and natural shingles. With much more and far more improvements introduced each individual yr, especially with Architectural and other quality shingles, the volume of households with these new systems will possible surpass the aged organic shingle roofs very shortly!

Production advancements have manufactured asphalt shingles one of the most assorted item lines around.

Currently, even most of the “basic” 3-tab shingles accessible include when-premium alternatives like algae-resistant granules and unique UV stabilizers. Even though Architectural and other premium shingles  supply even extra wind resistance and quality ingredients than at any time ahead of.

Manufacturing approaches have not only improved longevity and high quality but also structure, shape and shade. You can now pick out concerning any quantity of shingles with various colours, shapes to match your households style and even unique patterns that really don’t even glimpse like shingles. No more time are you stuck with 1 shape and seem.

They Do not Make ‘Em Like They Applied To & That is A Superior Matter

We did not have the options we do now when Atlanta Roofing Professionals very first incorporated in 1993, but thanks to engineering and superior old fashioned hard work, today’s asphalt shingle roofs can very last for a long time and remain stunning for decades to come! Simply call your local roof contractor nowadays and see how your house can benefit from today’s superior asphalt shingles!

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