July 23, 2024


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Which broker company to choose… BDSwiss vs eToro

BDSwiss Ulasan: Edisi Indonesia (2022) | FxScouts

In the world of today, when the trading has become so much popular, the most common way of buying and selling is through a broker where buyers and sellers interact and decide on a price. However, with the increasing popularity, it is almost utmost important to choose the best brokers in order to avoid any kind of loss. BDSwiss vs eToro review is a review on two of the best broker companies in the market.

  • Why do you need registered brokers for trading?

A trader requires a registered broker for trading and it does not require the direct involvement of the company. It is important to trade through a registered broker in order that your business in not at risk. Registered brokers are allowed to trade via rules and regulations. In order to ensure protection against fraud, one should always trade through registered brokers.

  • What are the pros of BDSwiss vs eToro?

      Forex broker comparison will enable you to understand the pros and cons associated with both broker companies and hence will make it easy for you to choose one of your choice. Etoro is a mobile app for operating from smartphones whereas BDSwiss has a variety of trading options.  EToro offers highly licensed and regulated brokers. On the other hand, BDSwiss has a wide range of deposits and withdrawal methods. In case of eToro, no additional trading fee is charged by the company but in BDSwiss, withdrawal fees are paid by the company. In eToro the traders have access to the following trading offers: a copy trading service and ready-made portfolios with semi-automatic diversification whereas in BDSwiss the broker periodically conducts online lectures for its clients. The funds of eToro clients are held at the licensed US.

  • What are the cons of eToro and BDSwiss ?

In the case of eToro the biggest drawback is that Customer support can be only contacted by tickets.  For BDSwiss, there is Lack of investment programs and trading bonuses. The broker charges a fee for inactivity on the account. Support is unavailable on weekends

  • Which is better to eToro and BDSwiss?

The eToro broker is a very popular online platform for trading. Founded in 2007, the company operates as a social trading website that works with traders in dozens of countries. The BDSwiss Brokerage Company has provided financial services in the Forex market since 2012. The broker is keen to cooperate with traders worldwide. Therefore its activities are regulated by authorities in several countries such as: the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC); the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin); the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); and the US National Futures Association (NFA.

From what people have experienced, there is a great variety of opinions. The people who have just stepped in stock exchange and chose BDSwiss claim that it’s perfectly suitable as there is no one to compare with, probably, there are better brokers, but for now this one suits me. First of all, the fact that there are adequate requirements for the initial deposits.  However, some people also feel that classic account is not an option at all. They feel how someone can make money with such high spreads. No, of course, there will be profit with competent trading, but will it be enough for a comfortable existence? It seems that it is unlikely. But the conditions on the VIP account are quite acceptable.

However, if the reviews about eToro are discussed, people seem to be quite happy with it.  According to the reviews, eToro is a broker that delivers more than you expect. There will be no misunderstandings with execution, withdrawal of money from the trading account or something else. This is the best stock market trading company. Most people believe it is a high quality broker in all respects. The pool of instruments is the widest, execution and liquidity are the best among competitors.

EToro is better than BDSwiss if it comes to brokers.  But, according to personal interest and the type of broker you need, the choice at the end is entirely yours.