June 17, 2024


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What Is Sales Portal Software?

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Nowadays, sales and customer support software is the most popular sales management application. However, even though sales and customer service software are widely used for sales and customer support purposes, many companies still opt for more advanced features in their sales portals.

Features of Sales Portals

So, what are these advanced features of sales portals that have made this software so popular in the market today? The list of features of Sales portal includes integrated support for ERP and Oracle, web-based access to CRM database, customization, and data migration, customized in-place order entry, multi-store distribution, mobile device management, multiple-channel capabilities, and business intelligence tools. In other words, this software offers advanced functionality and a wide range of functionalities for your sales operation.

ERP Solutions

These advanced features of ERP and Oracle help in managing the sales operations more efficiently. ERP solutions keep track of information about sales reports, pricing, and product information, customer demographics, and other operational information. These features of ERP and Oracle manage the inventory and sales process. They also help in analyzing the present business trend and suggest appropriate actions for the future growth of your organization.

Sales Management Software

Sales management software with the integration of a web-based CRM database provides an improved and comprehensive view of data regarding your sales operation. It enables you to build up a profile of customers and analyze their buying behavior, purchasing cycles and preferences, past shopping patterns, and so on. CRM database solutions with features such as sales forecasting, advanced sales workflow tools, reporting and tracking ability, and integration with other applications like Excel, Lotus Notes, and SQL-Server give you complete and flexible information regarding the sales performance. Thus with the features of Oracle Enterprise Miner, you can easily access data from any source.

Enhanced functionality for customer relationship management

This software solution has enhanced functionality for customer relationship management (CRM) by providing comprehensive reports on sales performance and other vital sales and customer-related information. Features like integrated email, shared data storage, shared knowledge database, and other advanced transaction features make this product very useful for your sales department. It also enhances the sales cycle with the help of its intelligent features. It allows users to enter orders using different payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and online payments. The order-entry reports also include details about the customer and their order histories such as purchase date, time of purchase, total price, and date of shipping. Further, with the help of this software solution, you can create and manage multiple accounts at once.

CRM-based Software Solutions

CRM-based software solutions integrate CRM database with its own set of features such as auto-complete, integrated scheduling, order entry, customer auto-responses, real-time communication, and database-driven tasks including task completion, bulk booking, sales tracking, customer self-service, order recalls, technical support tracking, order entry with pick up and delivery services.


All these features provide your sales team with comprehensive, real-time information for better planning, handling, and execution of sales functions. This in turn helps in maximizing the productivity of the sales force, which is beneficial for increasing the volume of sales. In short, with what is a sales portal you can enjoy streamlined processes, improved sales performance, and higher returns on investment. Thus, it provides you with a complete solution that enables greater efficiency and cost savings.

CRM-based business

There are many options available in the market for CRM-based business solutions but none of them are capable of satisfying all the needs of a large business. This is the reason why BIN Technology, which is a leading enterprise solution, is chosen by hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across the globe for its comprehensive business solutions. What is a sales portal also promises a high level of safety and scalability for your sales operations. Hence, if you are planning to buy this software for your sales operations, it is best to opt for the one that provides you with comprehensive benefits along with being cost-effective.