December 6, 2023


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What is a Built-in freezer?

What is a Built-in Refrigerator | Same Day Service Company

A built-in freezers is a refrigerator installed inside a cabinet and permanently attached to a wall. Freestanding refrigerators can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen and can accommodate more storage space, while built-ins are limited to 24 inches deep. Built-in refrigerators come in full and counter-depth options ranging between 24-36 inches in depth; freezers range from 12 inches for smaller units to 18 for larger ones. The general rule is that the freezer should be one-third of the size of the refrigerator.

What Advantages do Built-in Freezers offer?

  1. Built-in freezers feature more storage space. Built-ins can be customized, with full options giving the consumer the most storage capacity.
  2. Built-ins have doors that open either right or left, and in some cases, they can be installed to fit any decor and space. 
  3. Built-ins can be used in smaller spaces where a freestanding refrigerator may not be able to fit.
  4. Built-ins are more energy efficient.
  5. A modern feel can be incorporated into any room when choosing modern-looking cabinetry with clean lines, stainless steel appliances, and a built-in refrigerator.

Types of Built-In Refrigerators:-

1. Integrated refrigerators

The most popular choice for consumers of luxury appliances today is an integrated fridge. To match your cabinets, integrated refrigerators can have either a stainless steel or a bespoke panel front. The sizes and designs of integrated refrigerators vary, including bottom freezer, french-door, side-by-side, and columns.

2. Traditional built-in refrigerators

Traditional built in refrigerator generally require a larger cabinetry footprint than integrated models. Traditional refrigerators can be found in either white, brushed, or black stainless steel or natural maple veneer. They are available with a full array of options, including icemakers, exterior water and ice dispensers, and custom controls.

3. Undercounter refrigerators

Undercounter refrigerators have been used in commercial settings for years. Now, these units are available as an option for residential use as well. They provide a sleek, contemporary look to any kitchen and are great for spaces that lack storage room because they can be built into a wall cabinet or pantry area to reduce floor space requirements.

4. Built-in wine refrigerators

Built-in wine fridges are a great addition to any kitchen or bar. These units include a custom glass door and shelving. They can be installed in both freestanding and traditional siemens built in fridge models, with some manufacturers offering a vented option for under-counter applications.

5. Wine dispensers

Some built-in wine refrigerator models feature an in-door wine dispenser with digital controls that allow you to choose your preferred red or white or pour your favorite vintage at the push of a button. This is an innovative new way to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine as well as entertain guests.

6. Column refrigerators

The number one complaint of people purchasing a new refrigerator is trying to fit it into a small space, and the number two complaint is the size of the refrigerator. The solution can be a custom built-in wine cooler, which is essentially a column refrigerator with additional storage space inside. This design maximizes storage space but doesn’t take up any more room than your standard model.

7. French Door or Sliding Doors

A standard unit will come with either sliding doors or french doors for easier access to your food, but many manufacturers now offer options that feature both models to optimize functionality and expand cabinet space. In some cases, these models can even be installed either on top of an integrated or traditional built-in fridge.


Built-in freezers will fit perfectly into any kitchen and minimize floor space requirements. Built-ins are available in a variety of colors and materials, including stainless steel, wood, and glass. Interior options range from icemakers to exterior dispensers for extra convenience. A built-in refrigerator will make your kitchen look beautiful while providing extra storage space for your food and beverages.