June 13, 2024


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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Caring for Trees

Trees are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. They provide shade, protection from wind and beauty, in addition to providing us with needed oxygen. If you’re a homeowner who has established trees, or you’re thinking about planting some trees, there are a few things that you should know.

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First Year Care is Critical

The first year of a young tree’s life is the most difficult. The small tree that you plant is undergoing a lot of stress. You can help ensure that the tree survives and thrives, by providing it with a little extra care. Be sure that the tree gets enough water, feed the tree to ensure that it has the nutrients that it needs. Place mulch around the tree to ensure that the water gets to the tree roots, and to provide it with warmth during cooler times of the year.

Learn About the Tree Before Planting

Make sure that you understand how large the tree will get. Many people underestimate the size of the mature tree. This could lead you to planting your young tree in an inappropriate place. Take the time to do some research.


Inspect your trees from time to time to look for damaged branches that should be taken down. Also look for signs of disease and insect infestation. Some tree branches may need to be cut. When it comes to any tree branch cutting palm harbor fl, residents should leave it to the professionals. Your safety and the safety of your property is is best served by letting the pros do this dangerous job.


The truck of your trees should also be inspected. Look for signs of rot, splitting and stress fractures. These are all signs that your tree may be in jeopardy. Again, have your tree checked out by a professional if you see any of these signs. If you catch the issues earlier, you may be able to get the tree healthy again.

Keep Chemicals Away

While you probably would not dispose of chemicals or other contaminates by placing them on the tree, you may not remember that the roots come out from the tree. If you’re using chemicals to clean your siding, or your windows, remember that the roots of your trees can become damaged by contamination. Try to avoid allowing anything other than clean water near the roots. Keep the area two feet out from the tree, all the way around, chemical free.

It’s not difficult to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Just commit yourself to spending a few minutes every few months to looking after your trees. Have any broken or damaged branches cut. Finally, give young trees a bit of extra, tender, loving, care. They will reward you with many years of service and beauty. These few minutes of effort are a small price to pay¬†for a shady area for a picnic, or the perfect place to sit and read in the summer.