May 22, 2024


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Warm-weather entertaining was the hot topic at Dish and Design event


The latest Dish and Design event landed on Wednesday, which was a very, very hot day, so it was no wonder the first topic of conversation was crisp, summertime beverages. 

Executive chef of the Daxton Hotel and its signature restaurant Madam, Rece Hogerheide kicked the evening off with cocktail chatter, asking the crowd to name some of their favorite warm-weather drinks. Sangria, Aperol Spritz and gin and tonic were called out, to name a few. 

For summer entertaining, Hogerheide suggested serving a beverage that can be made in a big batch in advance, and then giving your guest a chance to customize theirs with a garnish bar featuring frozen fruit or fresh herbs. 

After demonstrating how to make the Daxton Hotel bar’s cocktail the Geode Spritz, Hogerheide and his team moved on to a grilling demo, crafting a rib-eye cap with pickled watermelon panzanella salad. They worked from the open kitchen of the venue, the Great Lakes Culinary Center in Southfield, which is outfitted with cameras so the audience can get a closer look. 

Attendees were treated to samples of the perfectly charred and versatile steak as the chef described the benefits of saving watermelon rind to pickle and put in the salad, which also had an herb vinaigrette, hearty slices of seasoned tomato, toasted sourdough croutons and local feta cheese. The Michigan native also gave tips on purchasing meat from your local butcher and preparing it for summer grilling, including the importance of letting your meat rest after cooking it.

“Always let your steaks rest,” he said. “When we say rest, we’re letting it come to an even temperature.”

He said this allows for the juices to stay in the protein so the meat stays tender and delicious. 

More samples followed with the next presenters, mother-daughter team Jodie Polk and Jessica Barris of Culinary Combo Bakery in Southfield.

From left, Daxton Hotel executive chef Rece Hogerheide talks about making an herb and citrus vinaigrette at the Dish and Design Grill and Chill event at the Great Lakes Culinary Center in Southfield, Mich. on June 15, 2022.

They demonstrated an easy-to-make Key lime mousse that is great to assemble on a hot day because you can bake the graham cracker base ahead of time so you don’t have to turn your oven on the day of your gathering. 

Polk said if you didn’t want to make lime, the recipe would also work with other citrus flavors or even something like pomegranate. 


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