June 17, 2024


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Tips to picking the best energy company

How To Choose The Best Energy Company - Which?

Are you looking for a new energy service for your home or business? When it comes to selecting an energy service, you want to make sure you are getting the most reliable, efficient source of energy. Energy providers offer different services, so doing your research and reading energy reviews can assist you in making your decision.

Choosing an energy service is no easy feat. Here are 7 things you should look out for:
1) Company background and reputation:
Your first port of call should be to check the company’s website. Check how long they have been in business for, as well as their mission statement. If their ethics do not match what you are looking for, move on. Reading customer reviews of the company online is also a good thing to do. With customer reviews, you can see if there were any particularly bad experiences with the company, or perhaps someone had exceptional service. Knowing how people rate the energy service will tell you a lot about the company’s reputation.

2) Plan length:
Think about how you make use of the energy in your home or business. Do you want a short term plan with the option to renew your contract, or are you looking for a long term plan. There is a difference in the price, with long term plans generally charging less rates. Always check the terms and conditions of each plan carefully, so that you understand what each entails.

3) Cancellation fees:
Are you able to switch your plan if you want to downgrade or upgrade? And if so, what are the fees involved? Before choosing an energy service, know what their cancellation policies are and the fees involved in cancelling.

4) Rates:
Rates charged by energy services can be influenced by the current market, network charges, environmental costs, and the time of year. Know when you would need your energy the most. If you know you are going to use less energy during peak hours, get a variable-rate plan. Fixed-rate plans are however better, as you know exactly what you are paying for.

5) Service areas:
Opt for a service that knows your state’s local laws, as well as if there are any regulated rates charged for your area. Factors like tax incentives, regulations and prices may vary from state to state.

6) Range of services:
Does the company offer alternative energy sources? With many energy services opting to go green and reduce the effect of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere from fossil fuels, you too can do your part in reducing your carbon footprint. Energy services that make use of renewable energy are green companies.

7) Customer service:
A good energy service would have excellent customer care services in place. With energy sometimes being unreliable, you need a company who has a 24 hour call centre, operating Monday through Friday. A good tip is to call the customer service department with a query. How efficiently and quickly they are able to assist you is a good way to ascertain their level of customer service.