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This is the ultimate clothing stain remover, according to a celebrity stylist on TikTok


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Sometimes you find a new favorite outfit, but one spill and it’s totally ruined. However, you can’t save your good pants or your favorite sweater just for special occasions — they deserve to be seen! You can show them off fearlessly with the right tools to combat accidents.

One celebrity stylist on TikTok, Sabrina Forscutt, recently shared her tricks for keeping clothes “looking fresh and new.” For one, she suggested using Shout Color Catcher Dye-Trapping Sheets in every wash. These sheets can absorb any loose dye in the water, so your whites and colors come out looking as bright as the day you bought them.

However, Forscutt’s best recommendation is an affordable stain remover: Soilove Laundry Soil-Stain Remover. You can get it on Amazon in a pack of two for about $11. According to the product’s description, it’s effective against grease, ink, blood, grass, perspiration, beverages, food and more. However, the stain remover is only intended for use on colorfast, washable items.

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Colorfast refers to a garment’s likeliness that it won’t bleed color or fade after washing. Most clothing items are colorfast, but the ones that aren’t won’t always say it. According to The Spruce, you can look for clues as to whether or not an item is colorfast by looking at the label. If it says things like “wash with like colors” or “wash separately,” it’s probably going to bleed, and you don’t want to use the Soilove Laundry Soil-Stain Remover on it. This is the case for most stain removers, actually.

Anyways, if you have a garment with a stain, you can dampen it with Soilove and then wash it like you normally would. The brand also suggests adding a little Soilove to each laundry load to keep your clothes looking bright.

So far, only 955 people have reviewed the Soilove Laundry Soil-Stain Remover on Amazon, but 750 people give it five out of five stars. (One hundred more people give it four out of five stars.)

“I love this stuff. It’s hands down the best,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I have washed and dried a stain I didn’t know about, then applied this stuff, and the stain came right out. I have dealt with blood, wine and BBQ sauce — not a problem.”

“So I’m in nursing school, and our uniform tops are white,” explained another Amazon reviewer. “One of my tops got a bright pink stain on it, and it was set in. For weeks I tried OxiClean, hydrogen peroxide and Shout. The pink stain faded a little bit, but it was still there. Then, I remembered Soilove. I used it a long time ago, but my store stopped selling it. Once I got it, I immediately put it on the set-in stain, and the stain disappeared right before my eyes.”

If you don’t trust the reviews, trust Forscutt’s professional opinion. This stuff really works.

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