April 23, 2024


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The way to Protect the 5 Most-Commonly Damaged Items during a Shift

You have a lot to worry about while preparing for a move, and the safety of some of your most important items perhaps be one of them. There are certain items that are definitely more fragile than others that are more vulnerable to getting damaged, that can be a huge headache and expenditure for you—and not what you want is to get worried about replacing your things as soon as you move. Have a look at these moving tips we’ve put collectively with www.flyttfirmaistockholm.nu on what to protect your fragile items.

Items Many at Risk while Relocating


Glassware and your China reserved for special events are at risk of breaking or chipping during your relocation, especially because of their fragile character. Packing these fragile items for moving can be difficult if you’re unaware of the best way to keep them safe. The important thing to moving these delicate items successfully is to use boxes that are specifically made for transporting them—your best gamble is to use partition boxes with dividers so that they don’t bang and stroke against the other person during transportation. Take the time to put in a little cushion and protection when moving glassware to ensure they achieve their destination in one piece.

Electronic Products

Shifting electronics is another problem you’ll face—not only can these devices be large, but they’re also extremely delicate. Though it’s easy to safeguard the outer shells of our electronics, it is not always as easy to ensure that their inner workings remain intact. Our advice is to go overboard and pad them with bath towels, blankets, and bubble cover to protect them from the inevitable bumpy trip to and trip into your new home. In case you’re hesitant about moving your electronic items securely, the help of professional movers could come in handy.
Interior decor

When moving certain home decor items like artwork, ornaments, and lamps, there are techniques you may use to be as safe as possible. For example, try covering your artwork in papers to prevent scratches if you can’t find a box to fit it in. When transporting lights, disassemble them and deliver the pieces separately.


You can’t just give up your home plants after all the care and work you’ve put in, into growing them. Stop sprinkling them a few times before moving so that they’re lighter and a little less messy to move. If you’ve got containers to suit them in, make sure there are holes so that they can still get some air. A person can also use connections and bags to split up them and protect loose twigs when moving your vegetation.


Moving furniture in Stockholm is a trouble, particularly when you’re moving to or from a filled apartment in the city. Table legs, corners, and sofa arms are susceptible to getting bumped when going from point A new to point B. Using furniture apart if possible and wrapping it with bubble wrap can help. This could add more work to your move, but the very good news is that professional packing services often have speciality options to manage this.

Protect Your current Belongings by Choosing Specialist Movers

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