July 23, 2024


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The Top Remodeling Trends and How Remodelers Can Market Themselves

The Top Remodeling Trends and How Remodelers Can Market Themselves


The home renovation business continues to grow as homeowners seek out the newest remodeling trends. With $522 billion spent on renovations from 2017 to 2019, the opportunity for remodelers to profit from projects is there.

In this article, we will explore the top remodeling trends, focusing on projects that are particularly profitable for your remodeling business. Learn how to market your business for these services with tips you can implement at little to no cost.

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Remodeling Projects That Market Well

Remodeling projects can vary in cost, timeline, and potential issues, all affecting the overall profit for your business. Understanding which remodeling trends are most profitable and how to market your business for them is key to increasing your profits.

While some renovation projects may be more important from your perspective, they may also be more time-consuming and less desirable for the customer. Here are 5 top remodeling trends that result in profitable projects and tips on how to market your services to land these jobs.

1. Garage Door Replacement

The garage door is one part of a house that isn’t thought about much unless it’s an eyesore. It can add to the curb appeal of a home and update the look of the house if replaced. This job requires little labor, resulting in fewer expenses for your business.

Offering this service can be part of a bigger remodeling package or as an a la carte option. Market yourself by taking before and after pictures of garage door replacement. The immediate gratification of the updated look is exactly what homeowners want. Share these pictures on your website, social media channels, and emails.

2. Granny Flat Construction

If your renovation and remodeling business doesn’t offer granny flat construction, also known as in-law suites, it may be time to start. Granny flats have been gaining popularity as more Gen X and millennials have their aging parents or grandparents move in with them. 

To promote a granny flat construction service, you need to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. If you want to reach Gen X and millennials customers, having a mobile-friendly website is very important. The average US adult is spending more time each year engaging with digital media on a smartphone. If your website isn’t accessible via a mobile device, you could be seriously limiting your reach.

Once they are on your site, have a section dedicated to granny flat construction. In this section, you can share the positives of building this addition. This can include financial gains, knowing your loved ones are safe, being able to take care of anyone in failing health and resale value.

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3. Adding or Replacing a Deck

In 2020, 11 out of 12 of the leading remodeling projects were focused on the outside of the house. Homeowners are spending more time at their home, enjoying the outdoors, and are looking to improve their overall outdoor experience.

Because of the variety of deck options, from wood to composite, costs and timelines can vary. Marketing yourself as a company that can give the customer options is key. On your website, display the assorted styles of decking, shape options, and of course, before and after photos. This will give customers a better idea of what your company can do for them.

4. Front Door Replacement

Similar to a garage door, a front door can change the entire look of a home. It can also improve the functionality of the entryway. Many homeowners are looking for a way to update their homes without spending a lot of money to do it. Front door replacement services are a great way to land an initial project.

When marketing your services, show before and after on your website and social media to show customers how much a front door can change the look of a home. List the types of front doors available, colors, and window options for a more decorative look.

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5. Minor Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are a popular renovation service, but they’re not in everyone’s budget. To appeal to as many new clients as possible, you can offer both a full remodel service and a partial remodel. The partial remodeling service could focus on more aesthetic changes, such as a new backsplash or cabinet fronts.

Many homeowners are looking to spruce up the look of their kitchen. This can be done with new appliances, cabinet fronts, lighting and faucet. Be sure to show how these minor changes can make a major difference by using photos. Share the pictures on your social media and include the costs for the upgrades. The smaller price tag will draw in customers who are debating whether to upgrade or not.

Wrapping Up

As remodeling projects continue to become a focus of homeowners, it’s important to stay aware of the hottest trends to know what they are looking for. Once you’re aware of which trends to focus on, start marketing your services towards these types of projects and you’ll see an increase in customers.

Even more importantly, focus on the trends that involve less time and expenses from your company, resulting in a higher profit from the project. Use these tips to start marketing your remodeling business today.

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