May 30, 2024


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The Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello is a ‘Goat in bear’s clothing’ with message about potential return


cara maria sorbello during the challenge war of the worlds 2 season
Cara Maria Sorbello during MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

Cara Maria Sorbello from The Challenge delivered a thank you message to fans this weekend along with her latest costume reveal online. The two-time winner showed some love back to all the individuals desperately wanting to see her return for MTV’s competition series.

She was last seen on the War of the Worlds 2 season, reaching the final with boyfriend Paulie Calafiore, although they finished as runner-ups with Kam Williams and Zach Nichols to Team UK.

Still, fans continue to demand that the individuals in charge of Challenge casting bring her back for another season of MTV’s show, if not the Paramount Plus spinoff, All Stars.

Cara Maria poses in costume for the Gram

With appearances in many of The Challenge finals and two seasons won, some fans consider Cara Maria Sorbello one of the all-time great competitors on the show.

She’s been away from the MTV show since 2019’s WOTW 2, with many fans wanting to see her back for Season 38.

On Sunday, Cara took to her Instagram to comment about all the messages she’s been getting from fans wanting to see her back again. She also showed off an interesting costume consisting of an animal fur wrap over her head, shoulders, and chest, along with a one-piece black outfit and knee-high brown leather boots.

“Goat in bear’s clothing. Very Often imitated. Will NEVER be duplicated,” Cara wrote in part of her caption.

“Thanks for the mass of daily messages telling me how you wanna see me back. Here’s to hoping the gods hear the calls of the fans,” she said.

She let fans know they can keep an eye on what she’s up to on her other Instagram page, @caramariaphotography. In addition, she’s on TikTok with the handle @misscaramaria.

Cara absent from third season of All Stars spinoff

Cara’s competed in 14 regular seasons of MTV’s competition series, racking up 42 daily wins and an elimination record of 13-6 during her time on the show. Thanks to various seasons, she’s also won over $600,000 in prize money from daily challenge prizes, finals appearances, and wins.

With so many finals on her Challenge resume, it would surely qualify her as an All-Star cast member. She wasn’t part of the first or second seasons of the spinoff, though. Other MTV OGs made the cut, including Mark Long, KellyAnne Judd, Kendal Darnell, Derrick Kosinski, and Darrell Taylor.

Many fans may also have felt that Cara was a glaring omission from the All Stars 3 cast, which includes other multi-time champions like Veronica Portillo, Jordan Wiseley, and Wes Bergmann.

The cast includes several individuals who reached a final, including Kailah Casillas, Jemmye Carroll, and Sylvia Elsrode. However, none of those competitors have won a final, let alone two like Cara Maria has.

It remains to be seen if she’ll return for another season of MTV’s show or the spinoff. Details for the cast of Season 38 of The Challenge have yet to arrive officially. However, speculation has popped up that several vets such as Johnny Bananas, Laurel Stucky, and Tony Raine could return with another former Challenge finalist.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.


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