July 22, 2024


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The Best Way to Sell Your Home Is For Sale by Owner

The Best Way to Sell Your Home Is For Sale by Owner

For Sale By Owner is a very popular term used these days in real estate market segment. Home owners who have listed their home as understood the benefits and have been recommending this to their known ones. If you have heard For Sale By Owner for the first time, let me define it – Listing as For Sale By Owner do require some initial research and knowledge but the ease it provides in selling owns property is worth the time.

When you make a decision to go all alone selling your home, first step is market study which is important to start with. You as an owner of the property need to know what is the market price currently for your property which you can quote while listing in MLS. It’s not that you need to do some deep market research on real estate market but do need to know the real estate market in your area at least to decide on the price for your property you are going to sell.

Second step to list as For Sale By Owner will be listing the property in Multiple Listing Service. Questions might arise why MLS as it is popularly know, but this is the most popular platform for selling or buying a property these days. Almost all the property bought and sold are doing through MLS which not only make the process easy but also save lots of money which is worth saving in this economic crisis. MLS provide a safe platform which is accessible to licensed brokers who in return charge 3% sales commission (approximately) which is almost half what normal real estate broker would charge on closing the deal.