Transfers for March 15-21, 2022


ABITA NURSERY SUBDIVISION, LOTS 5, 6, SQUARE 10: $5,464, St. Tammany Parish to Jones Silvan and Chantay Silvan.

BOSSIER CITY SUBDIVISION, LOTS 3, 4, SQUARE 27: $6,000, Dennis A. Menzato, Sheilah Ann Auderer Goodson and others to Dalton G. Lambert Sr. and Rachel Rebecca H. Lambert.

FUSCHIA ST. 70486: $50,000, Frankie J. Amador and Karen Smith Tastet Amador to Phillip R. Moore.

HILLCREST COUNTRY CLUB SUBDIVISION, LOTS 6, 7, 8, SQUARE 25: $15,000, Marcus O. Ray Sr. and Denise O. Ray to Matthew Miquet.

IRON STREET, LOT 10: $13,500, Jackie Albert Kelley to Erol Antonio Bardales Figueroa and Cindy Vanessa H. P. De Bardales.

MONEY HILL PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, PHASE 7B1, LOT 424: $125,000, Money Hill Plantation LLC to Brittany Laurent.

SOELL DRIVE 21493: $140,000, Harry H. Riddle Jr. to John W. Vincent II and Joann Gautier Vincent.

TEE ST. 73503: $40,000, Tasha Rene Mier to Joseph Morris III.

WEST ABITA SPRINGS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $4,933, St. Tammany Parish to Elliott Smith Jr.

WILSONVILLE SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $20,000, Frank B. Wood Jr. Interests LLC, Billie Lynn Garrett Semmes and Debra Gaye Garrett Levis to H&S Holdings LLC.


BATELEUR WAY 456: $265,000, John M. Brown and Jennifer S. Brown to Cecilia Mae Hanson.

BRANCH CROSSING DRIVE 764: donation, no value stated, Benjamin C. Lozano and Cindy Joyce Lozano to Lozano Family revocable living trust.

BRANCH CROSSING DRIVE 817: $415,000, Justin R. Yates and Amanda Mizelll Yates to Joseph R. Farlouis and Susan D. Nielsen Farlouis.

CRYSTAL DRIVE 76167: $177,000, Victor F. Lane Jr. and Ryan Paul Lane to Alyssa Diane Guth.

DIVISION OF NEW COVINGTON SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1- 4, SQUARE 1207: $45,000, Jose R. Gonzalez and Melissa Zellers Gonzalez to Gary P. Maestri Jr. and Catherine C. Maestri.

E. 35TH AVE. 524: $40,000, Hervy Crockett to 3D Rental Partners LLC and Stephanie P. Drude.

EMERALD DOVE DRIVE 67509: $392,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to James G. Wingerter Jr. and Michelle R. S. Rodriguez Wingerter.

EMERALD FOREST BLVD. 350, UNIT 19101: $120,000, John A. Harter to Rio Grande of Abita LLC.

FAIRHAVEN ROAD 20374: $182,000, Christopher J. Farbe to Andrew D. Fredericks.

FERN ST. 21142: $80,000, Wendy Campo Webb to Northshore Resale LLC.

HOLLYCREST BLVD. 74: $160,000, Succession of Charles Thomas Cooper and Peggy Jo Cooper to Chelsea D. Dazet.

IOTA AVE. 74391: $252,000, Nawaung Maram and Kai Nu to Ryan K. Lynn and Brittni Braswell Lynn.

IRIS DRIVE 77: $450,000, Ashleigh Jolly Cashe to David C. Eckel and Laura Anne Coleman Eckel.

LAKE RAMSEY SUBDIVISION, PHASE 4, LOT 125-A: $280,500, Eric J. Guidry Jr. to Maureen Guillot.

MAGNOLIA MOUND AVE. 169: $432,700, Highland Homes Inc. to Dale J. Webre and Catherine J. Webre.

MEADOWLARK DRIVE 15164: $5,000, David R. Holland to Elizabeth B. Hopkins.

MENETRE DRIVE 208: $65,000, Mary Lynn McMillan Le Gardeur to J. P. Huff Construction LLC.

MILITARY ROAD 74045: $950,000, Boris Moiseyev and Janet D. Moiseyev to Seth E. Cureington and Elizabeth G. Cureington.

MIRABELLA LANE 732: $385,000, Eriko S. Herbert Living Trust and Eriko S. Herbert to William C. Tyndall and Lindsey E. Owens.

MONARCH LANE 4008: $420,000, Southern Pointe Properties LLC to Jeffrey A. Eddy and Tracy F. Eddy.

N. CORNICHE DU LAC 556, 596: $160,000, WBB Realty LLC to Rockwell Builders LLC.

N. DOGWOOD DRIVE 100: $340,000, Mike Y. Wong and Perri J. Ciolino to Jordan Battle and Jamie Smith Battle.

NATCHEZ LOOP 1542: $415,000, Vincent P. Cangelosi and Marcia Louise Johnson Cangelosi to Ernest Ora Autin and Donna Lynn Badon Autin.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $277,893, Slaton Brooks-Boudreaux Realty LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $8,500, St. Tammany Parish to James R. Young and Karen Marie F. Young.

NURSERY ST. 72425, HAYES ROAD 40570: donation, no value stated, T3 and CC Enterprises LLC to Thomas J. Laizer III and Candice C. Laizer.

OAK ALLEY MEADOWS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOTS 1-53: $3,180,000, Oak Alley Meadows LLC to DSLD Homes LLC.

PALM PLAZA SUBDIVISION, LOTS 3, 4. SQUARE 2: $5,214, St. Tammany Parish to TW Construction LLC.

PARMA CIRCLE 12576: $275,000, Dalton M. Thompson to Nicole C. Hebert.

PINE AIR SUBDIVISION, LOTS 2, 3, SQUARE B: $58,000, Laurin Avant Puissegur to 1206 Chinchuba Creek Property LLC.

PRESERVE AT RIVER CHASE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1-A, LOT 62: $398,900, Level Construction & Development LLC to Joseph P. Untz II and Lauren Untz.

ROBINWOOD LANE 19353: $180,000, Earl J. Pechon and Audrey Pechon Estate to 19353 Robinwood Lane LLC.

S. FITZMORRIS ROAD 19410: $530,000, Nathan Carl Grotte Sr. and Julie Bennett Grotte to John D. Meteer and Ekaterina G. Meteer.

S. TYLER ST. 516: $350,000, New Orleans Coffee Emporium LLC to Pour Les Enfant LLC.

SECOND CONNELY SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE 64: $17,500, Ryan Paul Lane to Victor F. Lane Jr. and Bonnie J. Lane.

SEVENTH ST. 70100: $125,000, Jeffrey S. Martin Sr. and Andrea Dora Smith Martin to Gloria Duncan Burge.

SIXTH ST. 70404: $210,500, Blake Carey Andriessen to Elizabeth A. Hardgrave.

SOUTH ST. 20392: $270,000, Julio Mike Rojas and Karen Ashley Bowman Rojas to Baker Cowan Co. LLC.

STONEWOOD DRIVE 207: $340,000, Primo Holdings LLC to Michael P. Reid and Lorilouise Primo Reid.

SUMNER ST. 136: $260,000, Scott M. Albert and Tammatha Ann Soden Albert to Parisian U. James.

TERRA BELLA SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1A9, LOT 312: $550,000, Highland Homes Inc. to William L. Chadwell and Tasha F. Chadwell.

THIRD AVE. 69267: donation, no value stated, Bradley W. Smith to Timothy W. Anderson Jr.

32ND AVE. 1017: $140,000, Outsource Services LLC to Beidr LLC.

TWIN RIVER DRIVE 324: $1,385,000, Dennis K. Frentz and Judy J. Frentz to Jerrold T. Ostadal.

VINTAGE DRIVE 259: $250,500, Michael D. Kern to Joshua Montford.

W. SIXTH AVE. 518: $307,500, William L. Brugmann and Carolyn C. Brugmann to Dylan T. Polk and Remi L. Landry Polk.

W. 32ND AVE. 1010-12: $152,000, Beidr LLC to Geoffrey Maynard and Starr B. Maynard.

WALDHEIM ESTATES, LOT 32: $64,000, Stewart B. O’Neal Jr. and Stephanie Pierce O’Neal to Beau Patrick Bassil.

WATERCROSS ESTATES, PHASE 3, LOT 65: $78,000, Watercross Development LLC to Varuso Gioe Construction LLC.

WOODCREST DRIVE 127: $270,000, Aimee Rae Talleur McNulty to Christopher J. Cedars and Heather E. Von Bodungen.


BLEU LAKE HILLS ESTATES, PHASE 1, LOT 29: $45,000, Anthony Celino and Marcelene Celino Family Trust to Christopher P. Johnsen Jr.

NEAR FOLSOM, LOT D: $504,000, Jonathan E. Perry and Krystle R. Perry to Daniel J. Delaney.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $530,000, Matthew J. Warren, Michelle L. Warren and others to Christopher P. Johnson and Lauren E. Levert.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $70,000, Herbert R. Galloway Jr. and Kimberly L. Galloway to Monty Paul Eymard and Gwendolyn Orgeron Eymard.

NORMANDY DRIVE 132: $400,000, Yvonne Vivian Alessi Wolfort to Roger W. Runnels II.

VILLAGE FARMS ROAD 426: $60,000, Eric A. Core and Melanie D. Core to Albert S. Leaber and Judy Rankin Leaber.

VILLAGE TRACE DRIVE 13232: $205,000, Nicholas Alfonso DiVincenti and Kallie Cheramie DiVincenti to Andrew Domangue and Whitney Amber Meshell.


BERRY TODD ROAD 28692: $205,500, Coast Builders LLC to Tracy Sonora Miller.

BIRCH ST. 25661: $140,000, Henry E. Smith Sr. and Jean Swan Smith to Deja Ordone.

BRITTANY DRIVE 61324: $415,000, Ancar Properties LLC to Christopher Bridges and Tracy Bridges.

E. LA 190 25134: donation, no value stated, Ruth T. Birdsall to Ruth T. Birdsall irrevocable trust.

EAST OAKLAWN TOWN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 159, 286, SQUARE 4, LOT 307, SQUARE 7: $4,844, St. Tammany Parish to Wilbert Gutierrez.

EQUITANA LANE 62955: $63,000, Equitana Farms LLC to Caleb D. Borelly and Marlise E. Borelly.

FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 31, 32, SQUARE 16: $500, Tamland Investments Inc. to Tamprop Inc.

U.S. 190 31132: $215,000, Kwan Chuen Chieh and Kintak Chieh to Cody Jerome Marciante.

MOSS DRIVE 61265: $330,000, Edward L. Duvall and Julia A. Duvall to Mark Ross Curry and Diane Rampino Curry.

N. PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 62300: $270,000, Richard Paul Cullen Sr., Rondalyn Hope Cullen Whetham and Richard Paul Cullen Jr. to Douglas Gilford and Catherine Gilford.

NEAR LACOMBE, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Susan Guidera Ducote to Danielle S. Donald.

NORTH OAKLAWN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 341, 342: $30,000, Judity A. Rork to Anchor Partners LLC.

S. MAIN ST. 28136: $300,000, Jennifer Coates Hewitt to John M. Coates Jr.

TRANSMITTER ROAD 60060: $92,400, American Advisors Group to Broad Street Funding Trust II.


BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, LOT 820: $499,900, Prime Design + Build Group LLC to Brett Ripp and Damaris Habicht Ripp.

BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1-D-1, LOT 40: $569,000, Courtney Kiel LeBlanc to Vincent J. Lobello III and Bridget Linn.

BLUE HERON LANE 452: $515,000, Jeffry D. Morris and Abigail Troue Morris to Brandon J. Young and Paige M. Young.

DAVIS ST. 113: $185,000, Babylon Realty LC, Kay 1 LLC and Jic Deal LLC to David E. Smith.

DEER PARK COURT 1256: $315,000, Bailey K. Quinlan to Jamerson W. Shaw and Margaret D. Shaw.

ENGLISH OAK DRIVE 769: $445,000, Prime Design + Build Group LLC to Chad M. Braun.

FAIRFIELD OAKS DRIVE 220: donation, no value stated, PSJSB Investments LLC to Flying Pig Investments LLC.

FOX SPARROW LOOP 1236: $348,750, McHugh Construction LLC to Deborah West Kenyon.

GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOT 335: $27,600, McHugh Land Holding LLC to McHugh Construction LLC.

LOST LAKE LANE 3125: $365,000, Jared J. Tauzier and Amber N. Tauzier to Jannelle C. Pennington.

MADISONVILLE ON THE LAKE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 63: $49,000, Michael Craig Vezina and Ashley Renee Breen Vezina to Jaime J. Teachout and Paula Jean Harless Teachout.

MADISONVILLE ON THE LAKE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 21: $55,000, Mitchell G. Stephens and Mindy R. Stephens to Daniel G. Gilliland and Leanne D. Gilliland.

MADISONVILLE ON THE LAKE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 61: $45,000, Tommy Dufrene and Anissa Dufrene to Robert E. Sutherland and Jeanne Lemoine Sutherland.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $29,200, St. Tammany Parish to Michael Breaux.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $389,500, Jeffery L. Coombe and Chloe Core Coombe to Anthony M. Bellina and Lindsay O. Bellina.

OLD PLACE LANE 309: $345,000, Roxanne McKenzie Broussard to Anthony Doernte and Tawny Doernte.

OLD PONCHATOULA HIGHWAY 812: $65,000, Christian G. Bernier and Rhonda Frickey Bernier to Daniel Murphy.

POE ST. 102: $198,800, Stephen M. Blanc inter vivos trust to Megan Nicole O’Neal.

PONTCHARTRAIN OAKS DRIVE 110: $896,000, Jeffrey D. Young and Brandon Young to George A. Rogers III and Kaitlyn M. Rogers.

RAIFORD OAKS 143: $300,000, Daniel N. de Souza and Grace E. Jackson de Souza to Thomas C. Dickey and Ashley P. Dickey.

SECLUDED OAKS LANE 225: $360,000, Clifford Whitestone to Nicolas J. Martin and Jill B. Martin.

TAVERNY COURT 69493: $275,000, Bradley Hoag to James M. Miller and Kailey Alyssa Davis.

TIMBERLANE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 65: $285,000, Ronald R. Short and Craig R. Short to TDM Property Management LLC.

TIMBERLANE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 67: $300,000, Craig Ronald Short and Sabrina Barras Short to TDM Property Management LLC.

W. LONGVIEW COURT 213: $470,000, Darren T. Angelo to Nicholas Schlacter and Alexandra Serpas.


ALBERT ST. 602: $365,000, Buyou Homes 57 LLC to Jacob A. Musser and Kelly Levine Musser.

BEAU CHENE DRIVE 805: $355,000, Marie F. Devillier to Patrick R. Bossetta and Marlene Hand Bossetta.

BEAU RIVAGE VILLAS CONDO UNIT 7: $200,000, Michael D. Messina to Mallorie Paige Galjour.

BEAU SOLEIL PLACE 100: $225,000, Josip Piacun to Sylvia Soto Trepagnier.

BIRON ST. 2577: donation, no value stated, Jason M. Baquie and Desiree S. Cargo Baquie to Desiree Baquie.

CAUSEWAY SERVICE ROAD 1705-07-08-09-10-11-15-19-23-27-31-35-41: $2,225,000, Sunlight Causeway LLC to Causeway Place LLC.

CEDARWOOD DRIVE 532, UNIT 532: $150,000, Robert W. Montgomery to Christie L. Schuyler.

CITY OF MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $8,000, Adair Holdings LLC to Northhore Blueline Properties LLC.

COLBERT ST. 738: $593,400, Virginia Faith Albert to Douglas Reed Mickelson and Susan Colleen Sweeney Mickelson.

DESTIN ST. 1343: $460,000, Scariano Properties LLC to Simion Donea and Olga Donea.

FOY ST. 1417: $235,000, Jessica Whitney Crossfield to Hunter D. Theisges.

JACKSON AVE. 313: $345,000, Susan Shinn Ameen to Janet L. Krail.

JACKSON ST. 1623: $335,000, Succession of Lynda Engelhardt and Gilmer Whitney Engelhardt Jr. testamentary trust to Jonathan S. Coe.

LIVE OAK LOOP 1007: $200,000, Mouton irrevocable trust to Stanley F. Mouton Jr.

MANDEVILLE ANNEX SUBDIVISION, LOTS 7, 9, SQUARE 18: $25,000, 1613 Highway 22 LLC to Lixy Merari O. Chavarria.

MENUET ROAD 70392: $272,000, HMM Development LLC to Scott M. Simon Jr. and Emily A. Simon.

N. BEAU CHENE DRIVE 650, APARTMENT 5: $285,000, Victoria A. Barkley to Kelley Ann Robichaux Day.

N. CAUSEWAY BLVD. 2000-2020: $1,250,000, FHL LLC to 1012 Canal Street LLC.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, LOTS 47, 49, 51, 53, SQUARE 236A: $145,000, Succession of Maxine Oatsvall Newman to Kyle J. Keaton.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $527,076, Maurmont Properties LLC to St. Tammany Parish Law Enforcement District.

NORTHLAKE COURT 107: $1,592,000, Ryan E. Wall and Elizabeth C. Wall to Matthew P. Rosenboom and Rebecca R. Rosenboom.

RAPATEL ST. 2022: $255,000, SMS Holdings Co. LLC to James A. Yarborough, Jenny A. Yarborough and Reesa Ann Peacock Yarborough.

ROSEDOWN WAY 341: $420,000, Nicholas T. Pomerleau and Alyxandria Rice Pomerleau to Jason W. Greenleaf.

TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, PHASE: $244,000, TCE Properties LLC to Kyle L. Caulfield and Courtney C. Caulfield.

TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, PHASE 3-A, LOT 874: $208,000, TCE Properties LLC to Dardel Properties LLC.

TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, PHASE 3-A, LOT 875: $208,000, TCE Properties LLC to Diamonds & Jeans LLC.

VALMONT ST. 1355: $226,000, Daryl A. Battaglia Sr. and Bonnie B. Battaglia to Randolph Williams and Cheryl C. Williams.

VILLERE ST. 1025: donation, no value stated, Virginia Ellen Dais to Jon Hampton Maxwell.

W. RIDGE DRIVE 2020: donation, no value stated, Timothy J. Tardo to Kathleen V. Tardo.

WEBSTER ST. 2319: $55,000, Douglas M. Gilford and Catherine S. Gilford to Rock N Roll Drywall & Painting LLC.


CALHOUN ST. 65156: donation, no value stated, Oscar E. Gifford Jr. to Samantha M. Gifford.

CUTTER CIRCLE 501: $297,500, George C. Edwards and Theresa C. Edwards to Ronald J. Blanchard.

FOREST RIDGE LOOP 1105: $326,000, Michelle M. Duffour and Colette Duffour Bozant to Blake B. Beeland.

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MAGNOLIA RIDGE LOOP 65277: $375,000, Coast Builders LLC to Martha Jane Balcer.

PATRICIA ST. 39092: $217,000, John G. Finch Construction LLC to Andrew C. Maples.

PINE ST. EXTENSION 37414: $210,000, Barbara Bennett Daward to Andy Trujillo.

TOWN OF PEARL RIVER, LOT 2-A: $35,000, Scott A. DeRouen and Debora Boudreaux DeRouen to Daniel J. Siether.


BAYOU HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 40: $15,000, Karen E. Pellegrin to Travis M. Merrifield.


ANNA ST. 138: $275,000, Jonathan A. Buckley and Jennifer S. Buckley to Taylor Paul Couvillion.

AVONDALE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 44, 45, SQUARE 2: donation, no value stated, Albert J. Johnson to Rose Marie Johnson Devezin.

BAY RIDGE DRIVE 1020: $381,775, Andrew D. Gossoo and Samantha S. Gossoo to Alicia Jernigan O’Neal.

BAY RIDGE DRIVE 1020: donation, no value stated, Alicia Jernigan O’Neal to Alicia Jernigan O’Neal revocable living trust.

BIRDIE DRIVE 40, UNIT 7-E: $125,000, Elizabeth Barron Boudoin to Frank R. Parlipiano Jr. and Jeanne O. Parlipiano.

BLUEBIRD DRIVE 219: $175,000, Jessica O. Jackson to Christopher P. Hudson.

BLUEBIRD DRIVE 275: $210,000, BMRC Properties LLC to Shemar Kendell Alfred and Deja D. Chase.

BONFOUCA DRIVE 3378: $344,000, James K. Lilly Jr. and Elizabeth Kelly Lilly to Paul M. McKinney and Stephanie L. McKinney.

BRAVILLA WAY 3668: $290,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Rogelio Mejia and Monica M. Jacinto.

BRAVILLA WAY 3696: $297,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Roy D. Birdsong.

BRECKENRIDGE DRIVE 1206: $282,000, Tate J. Troyer and Tanya Troyer Hatch to Carlos Rene Garcia.

CAPE BRETON DRIVE 301: $800,000, Robert Mosley and Stephanie Shelton Mosley to Kari Nicol and Michelle Nicol.

CAREY ST. 2228: $210,000, Gucky Inc. to One More LLC.

CARR DRIVE 363: $287,000, Patrick H. Waring to Benjamin J. Waring.

CAWTHORNE DRIVE 308: $211,000, Succession of Leslie Dale Brown and Terry Anne Hall Brown to Terrence O. Howze.

CHAMALE COVE CONDOMINIUM, PORTION OF GROUND: $141,000, Justin C. Legg to Roger Philip Fusco Jr. and Cecilia M. Fusco.

CHOCTAW DRIVE 58383: $305,000, Edward Boesch III and Dawn C. Boesch to Robert Oulliber Jr. and Brittany Oulliber.

CLIPPER ISLAND ROAD 1432: $68,500, Prestige Realty of Louisiana LLC to Evan Petruska.

COUNTRY CLUB BLVD. 428: donation, no value stated, Lillian Ruddek Johnson to Tracy Ann Nunez.

CRANE ST. 2015: donation, no value stated, NOLA Direct Home Buyers LLC to Sandhu Properties LLC.

CROSS CREEK DRIVE 130: $324,900, Pebble LLC to Gerard A. Lopez and Gladys R. Terral Lopez.

CROSS CREEK DRIVE 165A: $235,000, Janice Smith Stumpf to Emily K. Domingue.

CROSS GATES BLVD. 251: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Joyce B. LeBlanc to Joyce B. LeBlanc.

CUTTER COVE 1254: $81,620, Aubrey J. Wild Jr. and Karen Peeler Wild to Russell L. Munster III.

CUTTYSARK COVE 1612: $50,000, Damon Larry Godwin and Marguerite Newman Godwin to Blaise J. Sauro Jr. and Sandra Kellner Ford.

CYPRESS LAKES DRIVE 141: $393,000, Brandon Phelps and Paige Janer Phelps to Kennesha Banks Hogan.

CYPRESS LAKES DRIVE 341: $485,000, Roy L. Provenzano III and Carrie W. Provenzano to Larry Jeanfreau Jr. and Rachel Y. Jeanfreau.

DELTA RIDGE AVE. 6832: $410,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Lauren N. Romano and Kelli M. Romano.

DRIFTWOOD CIRCLE 112: $180,000, Succession of Fumie Watanabe Wilkienson and Doric Wilkienson to Stephen B. Erickson and Lena W. Erickson.

E. MARINA VILLA 4092: $75,000, ELN Enterprises LLC to Dung Huu Nguyen.

EASTWOOD DRIVE 1632: $240,000, Deborah Craycraft Shands, Ellen Craycraft Wilson and others to Danny Steven Jenkins.

EDEN ISLES SUBDIVISION, UNIT 3, LOT 7: $55,000, Brandon M. Mattern to Emanuel Young III.

EDEN ISLES SUBDIVISION, UNIT 3, LOT 84-A: $43,900, St. Tammany Parish to Al Masar LLC.

EDEN ISLES SUBDIVISION, UNIT 4, LOTS 523, 524: $99,000, Lana Herbert Killeen to Open Box LLC.

EDEN ISLES SUBDIVISION, UNIT 4, LOT 575: $530,000, Open Box LLC Inc. to Paulene Nguyen.

FIRST LAKE DRIVE 7460: $326,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Domonique Marquis Johnson and Danielle E. Williams.

GAUSE BLVD. 2990: $595,000, Newson Property Group LLC to Noco Investments LLC.

GRAFTON DRIVE 105: $218,500, Succession of Linda Maul Iannazzo and Ronald Dominic Iannazzo to Duncan J. Arnoult III revocable Living Trust.

GWIN ROAD 58354: $110,000, Mark Strecker Jr. to Scott A. Carter and Alaina Gaugis Carter.

HARBOR DRIVE 1244: $145,000, Succession of Dorothy Joan Boyle to Andrew R. Fallo.

HERITAGE ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 210: donation, no value stated, Martin A. Thieme to Martin A. Thieme revocable living trust.

HICKORY ST. 1408: $165,000, Jack B. Lord and Jeannette Innerarity to Keyan Marie Hughes.

LA 433 54529: $36,000, Darren Englade and Tammy Abadie Englade to Jesse Bergens and Katrina W. Bergens.

HOLLOW ROCK COURT 128: $220,000, Kimberly G. Bowers Hatcher to Willard L. Hatcher III.

HUNTWYCK VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 173: $40,300, St. Tammany Parish to Nola Chix LLC.

KINGS ROW DRIVE 1501: $199,900, Sean M. Ross to Erica Mills.

KINGS WAY DRIVE 111: $289,500, Ray L. Larry and Maxine Porter Larry to Kyle J. Swan and Stephanie Michelle Keys.

KNOLLWOOD LANE 356: $300,000, Ronni Maxsoe to William T. Greer and Vetrina Bob Greer.

LAKESHORE VILLAGE DRIVE 660: $268,000, Darveltra G. Blakes and Keva N. DeJean to Gianna Ayenna Haney.

LAKEVIEW DRIVE 124: donation, no value stated, James Henry Galloway to Richard C. Galloway and Daphene Cobb Galloway.

LAKEVIEW DRIVE 124, UNIT 1: donation, no value stated, James Henry Galloway to Richard C. Galloway and Daphne Cobb Galloway.

LAKEVIEW DRIVE 309: $55,000, Payten Schiro and Austin Schiro to Hubert C. Callegan.

LENNIE CIRCLE 202: $161,500, Land Trust Inc. to David A. Hallner.

MICHIGAN AVE. 818: $300,000, Martha Bridgett Magee to Barnes Family Trust.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $80,000, Lakeshore Estates Homeowners Assn Inc. to LSBI LLC.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $22,100, St. Tammany Parish to O’Neal V. Galloway.

NICKLAUS DRIVE 298: $436,000, Ross Savoie Construction LLC to Charles S. Jemison and Shawn Lala Jemison.

NORTH END SUBDIVISION, LOT 38-A, SQUARE H: $20,000, Frank B. Wood Jr. Interests LLC, Debra Gaye Garrett Levis and Billie Lynn Garrett Semmes to Zackier Atlanta Johnson.

NOTTINGHAM DRIVE 105: $230,000, Alexandria K. Borges to Kenry R. Diego Benedit.

OAK RIDGE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 28, 29, 30, 31, SQUARE D: $16,000, Alma Cousin McLaughlin to Lisa McLaughlin Lewis.

OLIVE DRIVE 478: $210,000, Donna Pelayo Leitz to Michael W. Bean and Elizaeth G. Bean.

PALM SWIFT DRIVE 106: $475,000, Thomas A. Lusignan and Donna J. Lusignan to David T. Hanrahan and Ginger J. Hanrahan.

PARADISE POINT 110: $510,000, Amaury D. Vuillaume and Rebecca E. Hall to Fred Zoller Jr. and Jennifer N. Zoller.

PEBBLE BEACH DRIVE 133: $280,000, Herbert Delatte Jr. to Matthew Wright and Tammy Wright.

PINE SHADOWS DRIVE 436: $240,000, Gina Bice to Robert J. Winhoven.

PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 4650, UNIT T: $82,500, Joshua M. Lawless to JDS Properties LLC.

PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 4854: $125,000, Andrew M. Ervin to Danielle A. Poole.

QUAIL RIDGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5, LOT 21: $100,000, donation, Joseph D. Parrett Jr. to Tavi Parrett Morgan.

ROYAL PALM DRIVE 1463: $360,000, Robert E. Devun Jr. and Sharn Escher Devun to Cory R. Nash and Chelsea L. Nash.

RUE ROYAL ST. 136: $389,000, David J. Gomila and Cynthia Romagossa Gomila to Matthew Kleinsasser and Deborah Kleinsasser.

ST. MARY PLACE 1019: $265,000, Amanda Fellers to Dennis A. Doussan.

ST. TAMMANY GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOT 16, SQUARE K: $11,500, Silessi Construction LLC to Anco Construction LLC.

RIDGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5, LOT 21: donation, no value stated, Joseph D. Parrett Jr. to Tavi Parrett Morgan.

SALMEN ST. 36205: $196,000, Leonard Parish to Frogs Repair LLC.

SHADY ACRES SUBDIVISION, LOT 24-A, SQUARE 2: $220,000, Kyron McGinnis to Jade Graham.

SPARTAN DRIVE 515, UNIT 7201: $119,900, Roberto Mancini to Akajiulonna P. Kanu-Oji Ndefo and Onyekachukwu O. Michael Ndefo.

SUNRISE BLVD. 3028: $165,000, Gerald J. Sauter and Charlene Jewell Sauter to Luis R. Musa.

SYLVE ROAD 33516: $235,000, John C. Fulton and Latoya D. Fulton to Julien Burns.

TIFFANY ST. 214: $169,000, Douglas A. Mitchell and Desiree Mundy Mitchell to Jessica P. Gaviria.

WAKE RESERVE ROAD 5405: $360,006, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Corey J. Juluke Jr.

WAKE RESERVE ROAD 5537: $399,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Christopher A. Bickham and Kayla Renae Scott.

WALNUT ST. 4149: $205,000, Degha Fongod to Jason D. Schellang.

WELLINGTON LANE 2203: donation, no value stated, Webster Pinkins III to Shaundricka Jones.

W. LAKESHORE LANDING DRIVE 712: $310,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Paul Liborio Paternostro and Alexis Nicole Burris.

WHITE STORK DRIVE 121: $360,000, Glenn M. Tatum and Christy Paige Tatum to Adam J. Troyer and Diana M. Hamilton Troyer.

WOODRUFF DRIVE 166: $330,000, Deneb Harris Warner to Mason Connor McGee and Danielle Sellers McGee.


Continued from March 2-7

E. LAKE COURT 145: $270,000, Kayla R. Scott and Christopher A. Bickham to Temeka Jones.

E. LAKE COURT 145: donation, no value stated, Temeka Jones to Dwayne P. Jones Sr. and Lorraine B. Jones.

E. LAKESHORE VILLAGE DRIVE 725: $282,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Roger Noel Andrews Jr. and Crystal M. Andrews.

EAGLE DRIVE 620: $388,000, William P. Savino and Maureen Savino to Charles M. Nelson and Emma C. Holdt Hoeiris-Andersen.

11TH ST. 1825: $235,000, Robert L. Oulliber Jr. and Brittany Thonn Oulliber to Malvin B. Honore Jr. and Rhonda R. Honore.

ELIZABETH DRIVE 105: $204,000, Miracles Property Solutions LLC to Aaron M. James.

FIRST LAKE DRIVE 7512: $333,111, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Aaron M. Goldfine and Nicole R. Matthews.

FIRST LAKE DRIVE 7548: $346,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Kentrell M. Avery.

FREMAUX AVE. 1375: $800,000, Bienvenu Properties 3 LLC to NBJS Real Estate LLC.

GARDEN DRIVE 35466: $320,000, Chawn Paul Cooper to Rafeal Johnson Sr.

GAUSE BLVD. 2130: $634,000, Hancock Whitney Bank to PPD Properties LLC.

HAYES ROAD 40703: $215,000, Hans F. Henssler to Kristen Noel Aldridge.

LA. 433 34166: $10,000, Sandra B. Brown to Brainstorm Capital LLC.

HOGAN COURT 408: $114,000, Willie M. Templet and Roy E. Templet to David Zimmer.

HOLMES DRIVE 435: $200,000, Kay 1 LLC and Jic Deal LLC to Javier M. Aispuro and Richelle Kimiko Celestino.

HUNTINGTON DRIVE 322: donation, no value stated, Mary L. Braquet to Julie A. Lodriguss.

LAKE VILLAGE BLVD. 316: $195,500, Jerry C. Wilson Family revocable trust to Kim Fos Leger.

LAKEVIEW DRIVE 214: $58,000, Susan Mcclamroch to Derrick Ross Vice.

LEONELL CIRCLE 115: $204,000, Mona Lisa Singletary Solomon to Denise Marie Fields.

LOUISIANA IRIS CIRCLE 205: $250,585, DSLD Homes LLC to Dustin Baird and Devin McGee.

MALLARD ST. 2118: $198,000, Robert Neill Fleck, Slater Fleck and others to Debra Hospie Seward.

MARINA DRIVE 722: $180,000, Richard Mistrot and Patricia Mistrot to Virginia Bordelon.

MARINA DRIVE 997: $375,000, Vincent A. Matassa Sr. and Toni Graffagnini Matassa to Gregory J. Gabriel and Jordan N. Logan Gabriel.

MARLSTONE PLAZA SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SERVITUDE: $2,050,000, Kornman McMath LLC, Walter J. Lark Jr. and Jacqueline F. Lark to B&E Slidell LLC.

MCARTHUR DRIVE 1730: $185,000, T&T Leasing Group LLC to Terry Lee Johnson.

MOCKINGBIRD LANE 214: $183,500, Deserie Theresa Broussard to Cathy Davis.

MONACO DRIVE 1523: $269,500, Wilfredo Cabrera Ramos and Aidmara Perez-Gutierrez Ramos to Trinette M. King.

MOONRAKER DRIVE 262: $335,000, Joan Torres Blackman to Stephen L. Durel and Michell Jennewine Durel.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Laura Ravenel Walker to Michael Paul Walker.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $90,000, Sheree Cuevas Daniel to Christopher Lee Rothschild and Maria Lida Rothschild.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $10, Saltgrass Biloxi Inc. to Spin Land 2022 LLC.

NIGHTHAWK DRIVE 410: $345,000, Peggy Wellman Crain to Tiffany C. Mitchell.

NORTH BLVD. 215: $215,000, Jennifer Zoe Bondio to Justin Young and Aaiyanna Johnson.

OAKWORTH ST. 5696: $355,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Claude A. Walz IV.

OLIVE DRIVE 478: donation, no value stated, Kacey Leitz Waldrop, Crystal Leitz and Sheree Leitz Dyer to Donna Pelayo Leitz.

ONYX ST. 40150: donation, no value stated, Shirley Stepp Kirvin to Jason R. Lott.

PEARL ACRES SUBDIVISION, LOT 9-A, SQUARE 19: $2,416,666, General Hancok Enterprises LA LLC to Star of Livingston LLC.

PLIMSOL COURT 203: $105,000, Jessica R. Peterson Thevenot to John A. Arruebarrena Jr.

SLIDELL MANOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 13, SQUARE 12: $35,000, Mark A. Springer and Hilda Negron Springer to Fawaz Saleh Mana and Abdulrahman Saleh Ali.

SMITH HIGGINS ROAD 59462: $195,000, Sylvia Rau Smith, Lorraine Smith Higgins and Crystal Ann Smith to Robert D. Higgins Jr.

SPARTAN LOOP 323: $345,000, Palmer & Lee LLC to Maila G. Butler Jones Gusman.

ST. TAMMANY GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 3, 4, SQUARE N: $195,000, Jimmy D. Swinford and Jonnie Patterson Swinford to Zechariah Cole Macbeth and Courtney Michelle Macbeth.

SUNRISE BLVD. 3149: $123,000, Hoa Kim Tran and Hung T. Nguyen to Ho Quoc Ngo and Jenni M. Dang.

TALLWOOD DRIVE 209: $185,000, Justin Overdorf and Amanda Overdorf to Peter Nguyen.

TANGLEWOOD VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 10, SQUARE 7: $219,000, Cody Louis Robertson to Caleb M. Baker and Keely S. Scott.

TRESTLE CROSSING AVE. 3617: $272,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Lynda Marie Sanders.

TRESTLE CROSSING AVE. 3635: $324,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Lorenzo Bryant Jr.

W. FOREST DRIVE 135: $315,000, Peter T. Nguyen and Phuc Hong Dinh to Henry Lambert and Goldie Lambert.

WYNDEMERE DRIVE 1911: $260,000, Leonard J. Warren Jr. to Tara L. Mesley.


HICKORY FIELD ROAD 32075: $128,000, Gary W. Richardson and Sagarario Dejesus Richardson to Ronald H. Eisenhardt and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt.

NEAR SUN, PORTION OF GROUND: $10,000, Succession of Illeane Muriel Sweeney Jones to Priscilla Finn.

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