July 23, 2024


Amazing design, nonpareil

Sartorial Living: a New Works exhibition at 3dd


The exhibition in the showroom of Danish design brand New Works is always something to look forward to during 3 days of design in Copenhagen. The space gets a yearly makeover by Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton and this year the style is inspired by tailored menswear and classic interiors. The exhibition celebrates craftsmanship and timeless pieces, resulting in an interior that evolves around the oppositions that define New Works. In the space, you can find an impressive contrast between light and dark, classic and contemporary, and raw and refined.

The exhibition invites you to dwell on details and qualities and features grand as well as intimate lounges and beautiful dining areas that embrace you with harmony and warmth, courtesy of the textured textiles and the palette of rich brown hues and soft creamy shades. Subtle stripes and tweed-like qualities are mixed with chunky textures and warm wood to create a sophisticated and soothing space.

In the exhibition, some new releases of the brand were presented as well, like the Bukowski Chair, the New Works Shelving System, and the Atlas Coffee Tables, which will be added to the collection soon.


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