February 20, 2024


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Reviewing the Seven Most Wanted Kitchen Gadgets

There was a time when something like a microwave was considered an impressive addition to the home kitchen. However, those days are long gone. To not see a microwave in a kitchen nowadays is frankly much weirder than seeing it, and many homes or apartments have them built in. That said, there are more kitchen gadgets than ever with some that are really extremely niche, while others take any home kitchen to the next level. Along with stylish features such as stone worktops from Surrey, new appliances can make all the difference. Among all the options, how are you supposed to know what new kitchen appliances are the most exciting? Read on to learn about the most exciting (and wanted) kitchen gadgets heading into 2019 and beyond!

1: Smart Fridge

The smart fridge is a pretty new concept, but it’s sure to catch on with more manufacturers after seeing how Samsung’s Family Hub 3 has performed. This model has shown just what technology can do to make traditional appliances even better than before. There’s the internal fridge camera that allows owners to use a smartphone app to see what is in the fridge, and see if they need to pick up anything before getting home. There’s a built-in tablet loaded with recipes and apps for grocery planning. You can even use vocal technology to prepare the next meal plan while working on something else. This is a truly next-level fridge.

2: Smart Oven

Fridges aren’t the only appliances being made smarter – but ovens are on the list as well! Ovens can be pre-heated before you make it home, which for busy parents running around to grab all the kids and run all the errands can be an absolute life-saver! Kids love eating sooner, parents appreciate being able to dive right in to cooking as soon as they get home instead of waiting around to chants of “I’m hungry!”

3: Connected Hood and Hob

Another innovation by Samsung, this connects the hood and hob to have them working in perfect harmony. This means the fan levels are automatic, they are controlled, and they will help prevent excess dampness, smoke, or other similar issues. This also helps prevent smells from lingering around for days.

4: Smart Dishwasher

Is there any appliance that can’t be made better with technology? This is a bit different from the other examples, though. Instead of starting early or remotely, the main difference between a traditional dishwasher and a smart dishwasher is that these are loaded with sensors to sense when something is going wrong. These help cut off the water and abort a wash when an issue could result in kitchen flooding. Less cleaning up is definitely a good thing.

5: Mechanised Cabinet Shelves

This is a nice little addition to the traditional cabinet aimed at helping prevent the classic “Oh, how long has that been in the back of the cupboard?” discovery. This allows a single push of the button to bring forward the ingredients and food items at the back of a shelf, helping to eliminate those forgotten cans that then go way past the expiration date. While this can sound a bit alarming at first when trying to figure out how it works, the ingenious design actually makes it quite easy to use and organising even more of a breeze.

6: USB Charging Tray

This is a simple fix to a modern issue. So many things need charging nowadays, including smartphones that go with us everywhere. A USB charging tray is built right into a kitchen drawer that adds charging ports to a sleek and aesthetically pleasing wooden tray, so there’s always an easy spot to find to recharge your smartphone, tablet, or other device without having to use any of the precious outlet space around the counters.

7: Multi-Functional Sink (and Hot Water Tap)

Getting the most out of limited space is crucial in today’s markets. New multi-functional sinks allow a compact setup that put sink, retractable cutting boards, hot water tap, boiling water tap, and work space all in one impressively compact space. Inspired by little housing, this multi-functional setup could very well be the trend of the future.