April 21, 2024


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Organize Your Life – Free Yourself From Clutter & Find More Personal Time

Organization is a fundamental key to success, and an area that I do very well with sometimes, and not so good at others. I think many people probably fall into this same trap. This is why there are so many books on organization. I try to keep on top of these books to see what is good, what isn’t, and to continually keep myself motivated to stay organized.

The most recent organization book I’ve read is “Organize Your Life: Free Yourself From Clutter & Find More Personal Time” by Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly. My first impression of this book is that I enjoyed it. It was well organized, (pun intended) and had a lot of very practical advice for regaining control of your life if you seem to have lost it, or just maintaining that control if the overwhelming surplus of clutter and time consuming activities has you on the brink of losing it.

The book contains five parts: 1. Make Time: Planning and Priorities; 2. Make Time Around the House: 3. Household Storage to Holiday Planning in Half the Time; 4. Make Time at the Office: From the Paper Burden to Everything Electronic; and 5. Make Time: You and Your Family. These five parts are broken into twenty chapters, with part 5 being only chapter 20. These chapters contain a lot of good, solid, information regarding organization and time management. Much of the information is similar to what you find in many other time management and organization books. There really is only so much you can do to organize.

So even if there isn’t a lot of “new” information, I still enjoyed the book as a quick read full of practical advice. Some of the book was more relevant to my situation than other parts, but that is the case with many texts. If you don’t have any organization books, this book is a good place to start. If you have read a lot of them, this book is still a nice addition, and if nothing more will reinforce tips and suggestions you should be implementing and will motivate you to “Get it Done.”