June 17, 2024


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Newport Lighting For Every Room


From the walls to the ceiling, from closed-off nooks to large open plan areas – lighting can shape every area and feature in the home. Here we share a few different lighting options for every room in the house.

Wall Lights

Light fittings that attach directly to your walls instead of hanging from the ceiling are called wall lights. These typically include wall sconces which can be installed at different levels for various purposes. A great use for wall lights is on either end of your bed, to offer ample night-time illumination in the bedroom.

However, wall sconces also serve us well in the bathroom, above a vanity or in a passageway. Whether used alone or in groups, wall lights can help add to the overall light available in a space. Furthermore, these can help to create a streamlined and modern ambience in your home.

Ceiling Lights

Chandeliers and pendants are two of the main options when it comes to ceiling lights for your home. Both of these are great choices for a contemporary space, from the bathroom and bedroom to the kitchen and living room!

Pendants are typically the more cost-effective solution and we love seeing modern pendants gracing pristine kitchens and bedrooms. A group of three bold pendants above a kitchen island often makes a statement!

Chandeliers, on the other hand, make a grander statement. If you’re hoping to elevate a room, then place a bold chandelier in the room and let the light cascade around the space. Top tip: Make an entryway feel luxurious with a statement chandelier as you walk through your front door!

Floor and table lamps

As the name suggests, floor and table lamps typically stand on the floor or table and are not mounted to any fixture in the room. These freestanding lighting solutions, therefore, offer mobile lighting. Furthermore, floor lamps can bring height to your space. Place a floor lamp in a reading nook or adjacent to a couch for added lighting in a living room.

Table lamps are also wonderful for added lighting next to your bed, on a side table or in any entryway.


All the images in this post are from the Astro Lighting Collection of Contemporary lighting designs to elevate everyday living. Discover bathroom, interior, and outdoor lighting for your home and garden. Available from Newport Lighting.


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