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Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects


Lately, modern barn house designs have made a big comeback. It’s been observed that modern homeowners are looking for interesting ways to add rustic charm to their existing property. And, what else can add an old-school rustic vibe to your home than a modern barn house. They boast wood-clad exteriors and pitched roofs along with the use of natural materials all around the house. And, the result is quite charming indeed.

Below we share the five stunning modern barn house ideas with you. Each design boasts an exquisite and stylish barn-influenced layout. But before that let’s clear a few questions that may come to your mind when considering barn house construction.

What’s the cost of constructing a barn house?

Just like a standard home, the cost of building a modern barn house depends on the given factors:

  • Location
  • Property size
  • Contractor
  • Electricity, carpentry, plumbing
  • Doors and windows
  • Insulation and drywall
  • Roofing and siding
  • Foundation and flooring

After adding up all the costs, the construction of a modern barn house costs you somewhere around $70,000 to $150,000. If you plan to create a bigger barn house, the cost will increase significantly.

Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects

Is it cheaper to construct barn houses?

Yes, a modern barn house construction is quite cheaper compared to a regular home. It is because the design and construction of barn houses are less complicated. Hence, the construction process is quite faster compared to a traditional home.

How to turn a barn into a modern house?

It may take some time to convert your modern barn house. But it certainly adds a lot of appeals and an element of interest to a building. Whether you are planning to convert it into a house for your family or just as an investment property (such as a rental property), a modern barn house is quite aesthetic and exquisite.

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You also need to decide whether or not you want to build a new foundation. In many instances, the barn houses do not have a proper foundation. But it needs a foundation when you’re planning to turn it into a proper home. So, you have to consider adding a new foundation.

Besides that, the condition of a barn also varies the cost. If the barn is worn or weathered, you require to refurbish a considerable amount of wood. You even require certain permits for specific remodels that are not always easy when doing a standard home remodeling.

After creating a solid foundation, a strong structure and building permits are needed to start installing the walls and roof of a barn. So, you also need to consider the cover-up with drywall. Furthermore, you also need to consider the installation of electricity, plumbing, and adding other essential elements that are important for the proper functioning of a house.

After that, you start considering the installation of windows, flooring, siding, and doors. When you complete the main procedures of the barn conversion, you may begin with the decoration of the interior.

Is it worth turning a barn into a modern barn house?

If a barn has a good foundation, you’d save a lot of money and time for the conversion. However, repairing an old barn and converting it into a new house is more costly than constructing a new traditional home. So, building a modern barn house depends on your budget and zeal to add rustic flair to your property.

Modern Barn House Ideas

Here we share with you some amazing modern barn house ideas to turn an old or unused barn into a modern space for your family or rental purpose.

1. Modern Barn Style House

Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects

Have a look at this modern barn-style house. It has a minimalist vibe that effortlessly blends into the surroundings. This particular barn house features 5 bedrooms and ample bathrooms along with a common area. Each room is well-customized to embrace the concept of proper family living. The house has a warm and cozy interior to make all the guests feel welcomed.

Besides the charming exterior and stunning interior design, this modern barn house features several large openings. It also has skylights to maximize natural light into the interior. Meanwhile, ample windows ensure a close connection with the outdoor spaces.

The doors and windows also make the interior spaces open, bright, and airy. Hence, they make the living space quite distinct and open from a usual rustic barn area.

2. Timeless Barn Home

Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects

Despite its timeless design, this modern barn house boasts a contemporary vibe. Everything is simple – be it interior or exterior. Furthermore, it is easy to customize all the key elements of this living space.

For instance, the barn house boasts a large sliding door that effortlessly disappears into the wall. It also exposed the rear area to gorgeous outdoor surroundings. All these features make this stunning barn house act as an ideal family getaway to make the inhabitants feel closer to nature. So, they can enjoy the beauty of nature while indulging in their regular activities.

It’s amazing how the architects have maximized the views through the large entryway and windows. They also highlight the connection between the natural surroundings and the interior. The unique combination of this barn house still boasts a timeless appeal. Meanwhile, the entire living space appears very cozy and welcoming.

3. Rustic Modern Barn House

Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects

This particular modern barn house boasts a strong rustic vibe. It’s amazing how it blends with the natural surroundings with ample trees all around. Just outside, the porch overlooks the wilderness while turning this barn house into a wondrous retreat.

There are various wooden seats with tables on the porch. So, you can enjoy your meals while forming a connection with nature. This makes the reconstruction fascinating and beautiful at the same time.

The materials used for the construction are natural and reclaimed. All the customization work has resulted in a blend of rustic decor and traditional details with a hint of simplicity. Inside the barn house, there is a spacious kitchen and living room area on the ground floor. And, a loft bedroom with large windows is present on the top floor. There is also a bathroom with large windows to let you enjoy natural views while bathing. Another stunning feature of this barn house is its stone-clad fireplace. So, you can sit cozily while reading a book or relaxing in the evening.

4. Historic Red Barn Home

Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects

Another stunning modern barn house design to consider is this historic red property. This particular architecture has been renovated and transformed into a modern structure that’s ideal for today’s lifestyle.

It’s wonderful how this property boasts modern elements while maintaining the original charm of the building. The original stone walls are preserved along with the wooden beams. However, the new feature of this classic barn-style property is the skylights. The private section includes two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a private entrance upstairs.

There is a common area on the lower level that has proper access to the porch, as well as other outdoor spaces. Wood and stone are the main materials that define this property. And, the magic of the original building is still alive through its authentic elements and historic design.

5. Part Home, Part Working Barn

Modern Barn House Ideas For Adding Rustic Vibe to Your Home Projects

This unusual contemporary barn house boasts a unique roof shape. It is a multipurpose abode that’s situated next to Lake Chelan in Manson, Washington. What’s interesting about this barn house is that it acts as a part workspace and a part regular home. Or it can also serve as a gorgeous venue for organizing various events.

The initial design of this barn house aims to create a traditional metal barn with a historic red exterior. But with time, the plan changed over time. So, the barn design further turned into a house with a low roofline that boasts this project’s distinct nature.


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