July 23, 2024


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Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle Diseases

There have been increasing reports of several lifestyle diseases affecting the people from several countries of the world. One of the main reasons for this is lack of time to think about good health. Some of the other reasons include, lack of awareness, bodily disorders, excessive work related stress, etc. The rural uneducated people do not follow the basic principles of nutrition. Most of them are also poor.

Hyper tension and excessive blood sugar levels are the most important risks affecting the lives of many people. Besides several other contributing factors, excessive salt in the body seems to be facilitating increase in the levels of blood pressure. Kidney is the vital organ which does control blood pressure levels. According to the medical researchers, the readings above 140/90 are known as the hyper tension. lesser salt intake, relaxation, drinking green tea, consuming two or three garlic cloves in the morning, etc are some of the natural remedies Balanced diet or nutritious food and brisk walking are also helpful. Avoiding the risky decisions, planning the work perfectly, avoiding disappointment, inclusion of fun in one’s life, meditation, yoga, management of time effectively, healthy inter personal skills,etc would also aid in reducing unnecessary stress.

Good sleep can reduce higher glucose levels. Our blood needs only certain minimum levels of glucose. The excessive amounts can cause several health problems. The excessive glucose in the blood would lead to its clotting. The body might lose its immunity. Consuming our food at regular intervals would go a long way in reducing the risk of high glucose levels. Natural herbs such as neem leaves, lady finger, garlic, onion, green tea, etc are of great help to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Obesity is one of the major factors in reducing the effectiveness of the people. It is also responsible for the onset of the above mentioned health hazards. Several factors do play a role in the increase in our body’s weight. Many people seem to be getting good awareness about the ill effects of excessive weight.

Stroke, cardio vascular diseases, loss of eye sight, etc are some of the consequences of improper lifestyle. Medical scientists do suggest to include more vegetables in the diet. Stress seems to be basically the mind’s problem. Higher glucose levels too cause stress.

Proper medication, nutritious diet, regular exercise, etc would go a long way in maintaining the normal levels of both glucose and salt.