May 30, 2024


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Inside Creative + Interior Designer Sibella Court’s Eclectic Family Pad


Sibella Court, founder of The Society inc, and her family left their home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs after falling in love with the coastal ‘oasis’ of Bundeena about four years ago. 

Ahead of the move, they discovered the perfect passion project – a timber house filled with quirks and character. Drawing on Sibella’s interior design skills, and her husband, Ben Harper’s interest in building and joinery, the pair stripped the house of its previous finishes, and customised each room in their own distinctive style.

Sibella describes the home now as ‘layered, textured; a 3D timeline of storied objects of my life and my family’.

‘There are plenty of nooks to hide away in and then lovely open communal spaces to socialise in’ she elaborates. ‘It’s also the place that all my hardware, home goods, textiles, paint, wallpaper, and furniture prototypes get tested!’

The heritage home is also filled with a patchwork of colours, patterns and Sibella’s own printed wallpapers from The Society inc. that serve as a backdrop for her expansive collection of furniture and art. While most rooms feature a ‘dirty soft green’ wall colour and a nautical aesthetic, Sibella let her eight-year-old daughter, Silver, personalise her own room, with a pink and rose theme.

They’ve already tackled the facade, re-painted, removed all the downlights, rewired the whole house and installed solar panels, but next, Sibella has her sights set on the kitchen!

‘I inherited the white kitchen and whilst it waits it turn to be renovated, I removed various parts of it and replaced with an island bench crafted by my husband from Vintage Baltic cheese boards, and oversized antique cupboards pilfered from my own shop, The Society inc,’ Sibella says.

‘I’m having a lot of fun with this house and the idea is that it can change quite regularly. It’s handy that Ben has perfected the art of wallpapering.’

Learn more about Sibella and The Society inc here


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