June 17, 2024


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Increase Your Home Value Through Elevators

When looking to sell your real estate property there are often a number of resources you can take advantage of in order to improve the appeal of your home as well as boost its value. The remodeling of a kitchen offers many benefits as you remove the “lived in look” of an environment to create a blank canvas for potential buyers. Installation of a pool goes a long way in capturing the attention of many and also increases a home’s value. One option that few take advantage of is found with the installation of a residential elevator. This opportunity provides you with three big advantages as you increase the utility of your home boost the consumer base and raise property value.

If you were to look at your home in regards to its utility, there are many strengths and weaknesses that can be discovered. With a two story home you will find the staircase to be an incredible hindrance in relation to utility of design. Staircases are often a struggle for any individual and this can be further complicated when you incorporate ideas like laundry, cleaning and other demands for which you will have to go from floor to floor. With home elevators you provide the potential buyer with an incredible resource that eliminates the impracticality of stairs and aids the person in improving their daily routine. This can be a great asset for a potential buyer looking to invest in a two story home.

The element in stairs in a home not only applies to a limitation in utility but also to the immediate reduction of your potential client base. While younger couples or families may not be concerned with the use of stairs in a home, there can be a major deterrent for potential buyers who are handicap, obese or qualify as elderly. When you install a residential lift into your home, you make it possible for any person to invest in the opportunity that exists with your home. In fact, the appeal of a two story home with this feature can often bring in a wide number of interested parties, which will greatly increase your opportunity to make a sale.

Furthermore, a residential elevator helps to affect the price of a home, both in actual value and potential value. Actual value of a home refers to the flat price that is often assigned to a property, where the battle over potential value is fought between buyer and seller. The potential value of your home is increased by this investment as it will have a greater number of interested parties which will help you in achieving a greater final price, occasionally exceeding your asking price.