May 30, 2024


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How to sort laundry by color

How to Separate & Sort Laundry for Washing | Whirlpool

Doing laundry is one of the most therapeutic activities compared to all the chores. The entire process of doing laundry feels like you bathed your life clean and that you can start afresh with fresh and clean clothes. But without washing machines, it will not be therapeutic anymore. What felt like therapy earlier would now become a burden and dreadful like the other chores. 

Today washing clothes with hands feels humanly impossible. What is even worse is that there is a full-blown regime for doing the laundry correctly. Most of you, especially the newbies, probably had no idea about it. Right? But do not worry, by the end of this article you will have a fair idea about the most basic question, ‘how to wash clothes’ in the most ideal way and have the fortune of wearing only clean clothes.

Here are two basic tips to follow while washing clothes:

Sorting laundry by color

One of the most widely asked questions is, how to sort laundry by color?’. This is one of the most important tips or, rather the only essential step while doing laundry is knowing the answer to how to sort laundry by color indefinitely. No doubt it is easier to huck all your dirty clothes together inside the machine and get done with the chore. But imagine having all your clothes stained red, only because you didn’t realize that sorting clothes before putting them in the machine is an essential step. 

So save yourself the disappointment and start by sorting your clothes by color. Here is how you can sort them based on color:

  • If you have a few pure whites and do not wish to paint them colorful, begin by separating the white clothes from the dark-colored ones. 
  • You can categorize the white-labeled clothes with a few light-colored clothes.
  • Separate the dark ones like, blacks and greys from the bright ones like, red, orange, and pink.
  • It is also vital to check for stains and spray or soak them with a special cleaner before throwing them in the washing machine. 

Sorting by fabric

Another helpful tip is separating your clothes based on the fabric. Sorting the delicate ones from denim and other coarse material also helps with successful laundry. Different clothing material needs different detergent and soaps. Thus, sorting your clothes by their material helps with the most appropriate detergent. It is critical to know how to sort laundry before washing it so that you do not end up fading or shrinking any of your clothes. 

Washing clothes can be overwhelming and tiring at times, but there is no escape route from this. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, and most importantly by sorting your clothes by color, you can reduce much of your burden and enjoy the process of cleaning your clothes. 
By now, you must have an answer to how to do the laundry properly and must be confident enough to take on this journey. So go ahead and wash that pile of clothes stacking up in the corner of your room for a week and put some clean clothes on.