April 24, 2024


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How to Identify Whether Water Damage Is Recent or Old


Water spots appearing on your walls and ceiling likely mean that you have a leaky pipe or condensation issues. Either way, water damage can be a nightmare. If you think your home has this serious problem, the first thing you need to do is find out whether the damage is recent or new. This way, you know how long the issue has been taking place, which will help you determine its severity and find the best solution for it.

Water Damage Is Recent or Old

Here’s a guide to help you identify whether the water damage is recent or old. 

Find Out the Home’s History

One of the first things you need to do is find out the history of your home. Older materials are more susceptible to damage. Unless your home is new, you should pay extra attention to your pipes and water systems. By doing so, you can catch signs of leaks while they are still new. In addition to that, you should also be familiar with your home’s materials. Small amounts of visual damage on your walls, ceilings or floors can hint at water damage that may have started a long time ago. 

Look for Water Rings or Mold

A dark spot with no rings around it indicates that the water damage is a recent one. Meanwhile, older water damage spots will begin to develop rings. The older the spot, the more rings it will have. Different shades and colors of rings likely show that the area has been soaked and dried. Additionally, if you see mold growth, this means the water has been there for a few days. In general, mold appears as small black or gray specks on your ceiling, walls, or floors. If the mold has spread beyond where the water damage is visible, this could mean that water has been building up for a long time. 

Touch and Feel the Spot

Should you decide to touch and feel the water spot, be sure to follow safety measures, and wear a mask and a pair of gloves. A newer water spot will be wet, but your drywall or ceiling will still be strong. On the other hand, an older water spot will feel squishy and provide more give as the material has absorbed a fair amount of water, and you will be able to move it without much pressure or force. 

Water damage should be addressed as soon as possible, especially since it may lead to toxic mold growth and even further decay of your interior components. To ensure your home receives the best possible treatment, get in touch with Nuss Construction Company! Our team of contractors is committed to providing top-quality home improvement services. Call us today at (856) 988-9982, or fill out our online contact form. We proudly serve homeowners in Medford, NJ, and the surrounding communities.


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