May 20, 2024


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How to have a clean house with pets in between

If you have a dog or a cat and you want to know how to clean the house with pets, what we are going to tell you next interests you. Living with an animal has many psychological benefits: it keeps us company, helps us to exercise, makes us more responsible, etc. Like everything, it also has a less beautiful face. And is that many owners (and possible futures) are concerned about how to keep the house clean with dogs or cats with the help of maid service Barrie.

A task that a priori can be complicated, but if you put into practice the tips to keep your home clean with pets that we give you next you will see that it is not so much. We will not deny that one of the negative aspects of having animals at home is the relationship with cleanliness. And it is very possible that when it comes to incorporating (or not) one more member of the family, this is one of the aspects to be taken into account.

Having an animal at home means more dirt. This is a fact that can not be changed, since being one more at home, the greater the chances of staining different rooms. To that we have to add that a dog or a cat can not be equated with a human being when it comes to asking for a minimum of coexistence and cleanliness. What is at hand is taking a series of measures to keep the house clean when we live with pets.

Top tips to have a clean home with dogs and cats

1. Put carpets around the house. Covering the floor of the house with different rugs will be used to collect dirt from our pets, especially at the entrance of the house as well as under the sofa, the dining table and any favorite corner of our animals. One of the advantages is that they can be easily washed and, if they are in poor condition, they can be easily replaced.

2. Paint the surfaces dark. Cleaning the furniture and rooms where we do not want our pet to be a dark color is one of the best tips to have your home clean, since it allows to hide the complicated spots to eliminate.

3. Wash the food bowls with sunflower oil. This will prevent stains in your food containers. We also recommend that each animal at home have its own containers to eat and drink.

4. Latex gloves, your great allies. They will be very useful when you go to rub the different surfaces without spoiling your hands.

5. Shaving cream, one of the cleaning service products if you live with pets. In addition to other uses, the shaving cream manages to make disappear the most complicated spots like the vomit of a dog or the urine. To do this, spray the place with a jet of shaving foam, wait a minute and wash with warm water.

6. Baby wipes. Another of the products to clean the spots of dogs or cats at home are the classic baby wipes, since their composition and small size are able to reach the most unsuspected corners where dirt accumulates.

7. White vinegar. In list could not miss one of the best tricks to eliminate pet stains at home. To do this, just fill a bottle of water halfway, pour a splash of white vinegar and a little soap. A) Yes

In addition to applying these tips on how to keep the house clean with pets in between, remember to take the cleaning daily to prevent dirt from accumulating, and eliminate the bad smell with air fresheners.