April 25, 2024


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How to have a Beautiful Backyard: A Basic Guide


Whether you’ve got a few square feet or half an acre, there’s no reason why you can’t have a beautiful backyard.

One top landscaper recommends householders budget around $20,000 to change the look and feel of their backyard. But if you’re not on that kind of budget, with a bit of thoughtful design, you can still make it a private sanctuary.

Let’s take a quick look at some backyard ideas that will transform your outdoor space.

Do Your Research

Do you want a backyard that’s totally on-trend this year? Or are you looking for something more timeless? Start by researching the different types of ambiance you can create in your space.

A small backyard is no reason not to make a big statement. Research small backyard ideas. You’ll find options like zoning using string lights and combining seating with storage.

What about a little vertical gardening to make the best use of space? Fence space is there to be used for herb boxes, flowers, and even salad vegetables.

When it comes to planting, take your climate into consideration. Rather than waging a constant battle with plants that simply don’t want to be there, choose plants that will thrive in the local weather.

Create a Plan

The best backyard layouts don’t develop naturally; they’re designed.

You don’t have to be a talented artist to create a scale drawing of your backyard. Start with a rough sketch outlining the different sections of the garden and how they interlink. Don’t forget to create walkways and allow you – and equipment like lawnmowers – to move naturally between sections.

For a larger backyard design, focus on dividing the garden into distinct areas. You can give them their own purpose and personality with the right backyard furniture. For example, you can create sumptuous dining and living areas using Harbor Classic outdoor furniture.

Add Height

A great way to add height and shade to your backyard is with a pergola. These structures allow dappled light to filter through to the area beneath. They’re also great for training climbing plants.

Add a small deck or patio beneath to create a secluded retreat for reading and enjoying views of the garden.

Design Space for the Kids

If you don’t give your kids their own area, they might just take over the entire yard!

By creating safe spaces for them to play, you’ll keep everyone happy. For this area, create privacy from outsiders while allowing you to monitor them easily from other parts of the garden. Soft, artificial grass floor coverings are ideal in play areas.

It’s never too early to introduce them to plants. Why not set up some planting boxes where they can grow flowers or tomatoes to get them interested in the natural world?

Creating Your Own Beautiful Backyard

The experience of designing a backyard can be a lot of fun. It’s your chance to do research, find ideas that you love, and bring them to life in your own home.

Add a little height for some drama and use planting that will really thrive. Bring all of these elements together, and you’ll have a beautiful backyard you can be proud of.

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