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How to Choose Exterior Door Color?


An exterior door color should not only look beautiful, but also be in harmony with the style of the house!


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Check out this list of 10 tips, so you won’t make the wrong choice and will make a successful purchase. 

Remember: classics are always trendy

Classic entrance door shades include white, gray, black, and brown. These colors fit easily into the modern exterior concepts. Conservative tones are also appropriate if the facade of the house has a traditional or even historical character.

Take into account the palette of the house exterior

Choosing the right color for the front door of your home has a few nuances. The rules of neutrality and contrast almost always work in this matter. However, there are also important observations that apply to the type of home:

  1. For the apartment type entrance door, choose the most neutral shade or harmonious with the finishing of the entrance hall.
  2. For cottages, it is important to pay attention to the design of the neighbors housing, because several apartments are combined into a kind of architectural composition.
  3. Owners of private homes have more choice. The main aspect is to don’t forget about the combination between the model you like and the exterior.

A door, matched to the tone of the walls or a few shades darker/lighter will always look good.

Don’t forget the combination with window frames

Choosing the color of the entrance door to match the window frames is the best and easiest option. If the frames are white, it is better to choose the same color, but if they are brown, the tone of the door may be slightly different.

Don’t ignore the design of the area

This advice applies to private housing and cottages. To competently fit such an important part of the exterior into the overall picture, the color of the door should echo the elements of decor and garden furniture (fence, swings, garden chairs).

Doors must match the design of the hallway

Despite the fact that doors are exterior, they can also either complement or spoil the design of the hallway. This should be taken into account before planning the finishing of the walls and floor, and the choice of furniture. If it is not expected to make reparation in this room, choose models that are as suitable as possible with the color of the garnish or harmonizing with the design of the walls.

It is also worth considering the color of the interior doors

It is reasonable and logical to coordinate the exterior door painting with the design of the interior doors that go into the hallway. This is the right solution to create a cozy and harmonious space. In addition, in design there is an unspoken rule: all passageways in the house should be decorated in the same style.

Remember: dark color reduces space

Both in apartments and in private homes, hallways are often small, so do not choose dark versions of the doors. White, milky and light gray tones will help to visually expand the room, and can fit into the style of almost any exterior.

Contrast is always a good solution

The contrast rule works both when choosing a new front door for a house (where the emphasis is on the exterior) and for an apartment (when the interior finish is more influential). Black, brown and gray models are ideal for light shades. If the home is decorated with dark tones, it is worth giving preference to white, milky and light gray designs.

No need to be afraid of bright colors

If the finish of the house and its location allows you more cardinal decisions, use the rules of the color wheel when choosing. Blue and yellow doors look great on a white building, red and deep blue on the facades of milk and gray colors.

Color must be practical

This advice is important for any type of accommodation, but it is especially relevant for the owners of private homes. A constant exposure to dust and precipitation can affect the attractiveness of the product. Undoubtedly, dark colors are more advantageous, but, for example, black front door https://unitedporte.us/entry-doors/black-entry, can not always fit into the design. It is necessary to choose practical shades or take care of the special protective coating.

List of the best colors for exterior doors in 2022

The listed tips will help to pick door color successfully and easily. The list of 2022 exterior door colors will be of interest to many people, these colors are:

  • gray;
  • white;
  • brown;
  • black.

Their combinations are also in trend: as a rule, there should be no more than two shades and with the mandatory predominance of one of them. The best options are presented in the catalog on the United Porte website, a manufacturer of quality products, which is ready to implement any customers’ wishes.


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